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Adrien Agreste loses his girlfriend in a fire. After a time he receives an letter in a collage he applied for. Taking it he goes back to Paris since spending his "gap year" in London with his aunt. On arriving on his first day of school he's met with an odd incident and blue eyes piercing his own.

Fanfiction Série/ Doramas/Opéras de savon Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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1. Break up

No Winter lasts forever and neither does love.


It was the seventh time he turned the alarm off and yet again a snooze popped disrupting his sleep. It was a bright Monday morning and very unusual since it had snowed last night.

The sun peeked through his curtains blinding his sight as it deceived a warm day. It was probably just for show however that didn't change whether he'd have to get up for work. The blonde turned his alarm off and slowly sat up. He stares silently at the blue cover and just after a minute or so he turns to the clock.

10:00. Well he could now meet his mother and rest in peace. Yet again he'd be late for work, so much for a gap year.

Adrien got to his feet instantly regretting such a move as he felt dizzy. He made his bed, settled his outfit, and took his bath. In 40 minutes he was out of the apartment but what excuse would he make for his delay?

Adrien took his time as he got out of his car and walked into the office. Just then a young woman with round glasses and fuzzy hair ran up to him, "Adrien you're late again."

"Sorry I overslept again." Adrien rubbed his nape, not in embarrassment but apologetically. He knew she has to cover for him while he wasn't around. The dark circles under her tired brown eyes made it clear she hadn't had much sleep, unlike him.

"Quick we're having a break now but you need to get ready. I've taken my leave after today which means I'm not covering for you this entire week."

Adrien chuckled sheepishly while she glared at him, "Adrien you need to take priority in your work. I won't always be helping you around and so everyone around."

"I apologize it won't happen again." He swore.

They entered a large room and as he got to his seat he heard someone call his name.

"Adrien." He felt his hair stand on end as the elderly woman walked to him, "Adrien you're late. Again."

"Aunt- I mean Mrs. Graham. I promise it won't happen again."

"Say it a hundred times and you'd forget you ever promised." She said shaking her head, her glare softening, "You're still my favorite nephew but if you keep coming late you won't make aunt happy. I let you live alone so you could depend on yourself, not the other way."

She pat his shoulder and started for a few of her workers, who were arguing.

Adrien knew he was t exactly her favorite nephew. he was her only nephew, they only said that just to make him feel accepted but he always felt that there was something different about himself, and the only person who couldn't see it was him.

The break was over and it was back to work, his colleague, Susan who was taking over for him earlier, had taken a leave.

It's time went on Adrian had only one thought process, home. If he could last for just a few hours he could get home and sleep for as long as he wanted till dawn. It felt like forever until that dream would come true, but he hoped.

On his drive back to his apartment he received a call.


"Adrien, it's me." A familiar voice spoke in his ear.

"Camille, are you okay?"

She didn't reply.


"Can we meet now?"

"Now?" He looked at the time, "Sure we can. Where?"

There was a pause.

"At the South Bank."

"Okay, shall I pick you-"


The call ended. Adrien was baffled by her behavior. He hadn't missed any special holiday yet. Valentine's was on its way and he had in mind a great idea to surprise her. He parked at a random street and rested. He had left work at his workplace so fast he forgot to take something to eat.

Maybe she has a surprise for you? A voice spoke in his head. She sometimes acted like that when she hid something from him, it would take him a long just to find what she was hiding.

He started the engine again thinking of how he eats once he reach the bank. He took his time searching for her and when he found her standing near the veranda. She dressed in very dark clothing compared to her usual bright color. he quietly approaches her.

"Hey Cam-" he wrapped his arms around her. She tensed at his touch but didn't loosen. she averted her gaze and mumbled a hello.

He was disturbed. "Cam, are you sure everything's okay? You're kind of acting odd. Did something happen?"

"Well maybe it's just because I'm hungry, you know I'm mostly quiet when I'm starving." She smiled looking at him. The way she looked at him didn't seem right though, he found himself staring too deeply into her eyes and when leaning in to kiss her, she took a step back.

"Shall we go?" She didn't wait for his response and turned to a nearby restaurant.

Is she avoiding me? He asked himself.

Their date, if you call it that, was the most awkward one yet. Adrien found himself talking alone as Camille ignored him only answering with yes's and no's. Soon he stopped talking and began to worry.

What had he done? Why was she like this? He didn't offend her in any way, did he? Was it the kiss he attempted to place on her cheeks? But that was normal. The more he asked these questions the more he began to feel anxious.

"C-Camille?" He started.


He reached for her hand and she instantly pulled it back looking up at him with a glare, "What?"

"Uh, I... Did I do something wrong to you?"

"No." He answered coldly.

He felt chills down his back. She never sounded so monotoned, ever.

Before he could speak again a waiter came, "Good evening, did you enjoy your meal?"

"Yes it was very good, thank you," Adrien commented.

"Would you like your check now?"

"Yes, please."

The waiter left when Camille spoke with a soft stare, "I wanted a desert."

"You did? Why didn't you say anything earlier?" Adrien was about to call the waiter back when she stopped him.

"I don't want it anymore."

He turned to her even more confused, "Just sit down."

The check arrived.

Camille silently watched as Adrien paid for their meal and left immediately. Adrien noticed her leave so suddenly and followed after her.

"Camille, wait!" He called out to her. He caught up to her stopping her track. Camille tried getting around him but he wouldn't stop getting in her way.

"Can you just let me leave alone?"

"How can I? You didn't explain why you went."

"Do I have to? You're not my dad." She retorted.

"But I am your boyfriend, I deserve to know where you're going and more importantly why you've acted like this today?"

"Do I need to explain? Isn't it obvious enough for you?"

They could hear the sound of a vehicle coming closer but Adrien ignored it.

"What do you mean clear enough?"

"I don't love you anymore Adrien!"

Suddenly a light shone as a Bugatti parked in front of the two. A young man with a vape in hand emerged from the vehicle. Camille ran up to him, and to his shock, kissed him the mysterious man.

The guy turned up to him and smirked. Adrien's eyes widened as the two walked to the doors.

"Wait! Camille!"

She turned to him and lifted her brow at him, "Who are you?"

"...What?" His eyes couldn't get any wider at her next words.

"I don't know you."

Adrien stood there as they drive away, it didn't make sense. Why?

He slowly felt himself fill up with emotion, it rising from within.

He laughed. It wasn't anger nor was it sorrow. It was Euphoria.


But then he broke...


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