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Batty's POV

"Hey! You are late today?" says a girl in a brown hoodie on her short miniskirt, she picks her nose.

"Ewww! Don't you know it's so disgusting for you to be picking your nose and to mind your attire, you wore this skirt last week, Dina!"

"But it at least fits my brown hoodie! I waited for you but your Nanny told me you left a few minutes before I came. Did your Nanny lie then?" asked Dina.

"Dina, can you be quiet for a while, this nice morning and this peaceful wind blowing is good for meditating, try to focus and stop picking your nose and disturbing the entire room in my ears," I said.

Laughs! Chuckles!

"I'm Batty, a high school student. My final year will be chaotic. Being the best student is something amazing and a role no one can take from me. Isn't that cool?!

You might have heard of my story

”There was a girl named Batty. She was a brilliant student in her school, and just because of that she bullies other students and scams them by telling them to pay a huge amount, without even teaching them." I don't bully. I teach them a lesson not to mess with me. Why should one teach for free? By helping you to sharpen your brain I need to be paid, even lecturers receive a weekly and monthly salary and I am another help to you.

I'm the true definition of beauty with a brain. The girl that said"I'm late today", well she isn't really my friend but a girl leeching off me, like a tick on a dog, she just loves following me.

Dina and I have known each other since childhood but I find her to be disgusting, she isn't that popular that's why she keeps following me up for my real friends you will get to know them as it flows.

Dina has the habit of copying my lifestyle like my hair color, makeup kit, bags, dresses... Everything about me she wants it for.

I remember in Primary 6, she wore the same pink mini straight dress, she also dyed her hair exactly as mine which is blonde, as you know how she is?.

*The bell rings for classes to begin*

In the hallway going to my class:

"She's hot! "he says.

"I heard she's the real bitch" he replied.

"I heard she's dating the Captain of the basketball team".

I always hear these juniors talking about me, I usually hear that a lot. "She's the real gee, the real bitch," the type everyone wants".

Oh! As for the rumors I just don't think much of it, Lewis the captain of the basketball team is in my class.

He's hot and sexy, with such radiant flourishing skin much for a guy, he has this curly partly brown hair and blue eyes.


Everyone looks serious and focused, Dina takes my bag to my seat.

The lecturer comes.

"Everyone should sit properly, Batty, how was your journey here, was it stressful or uncomfortable?" Madam Florida asked.

If you asked me about Florida, she's a good pretender, she teaches poems and literature. Since my dad is into politics, she tries to get my attention so that her husband gets the chance to win the upcoming election. Florida is brutal to some of the students.

"It was good, Mrs Florida. My dad asked me to share his regards with you"I replied.

"(Shyly giggles) alright class let's talk about the poem written by Eva Oduro from Life in poem page 45" she continues.

"Okay, madam Florida" the student responded.

"Page 45, who can take us through? Our lovely batty had a rough journey to school but she's so considerate and doesn't want us to know. Lewis read it out for us." says Florida.

"Me! Are you talking about me?" Lewis questions Florida.

"How many Lewis do we have in this class apart from you!" Mrs Florida yells.

"I can do the reading, I am not tired," I said.

" Entangled by nature

The trees moving peacefully

Like an earthly mother

Skin flourishing as ever

Hurt but doesn't show

Comfort oneself to keep others Happy.

The labor and tears of a woman

Always brings forth fruitfulness

Her braveness

As you can see the flames in her eyes

It's not the strength from the strong muscles but of her loving nature that feeds every soul.

Her warm gesture makes every broken heart fixed and sad souls rejoice.

Her kindness

Don't discriminate…

Her smile can put you to sleep.

She comes up with an idea that no one has ever considered before.

She trusts her own abilities and knows her value and that's her confidence.

A woman, a mother always brings

Happiness to their children.

Forever adored by anyone

Women will keep shining like a diamond. To continue being the Hope for all."

"What line did you like as a student studying poems and literature?" Mrs Florida questions us.

"Forever adored by anyone, Women will keep shining like a diamond, to continue being the Hope for all

That really sounded sincere, the poet Eva knows what she's talking about" says Dina.

"Who said she didn't know what she was writing" lashed out by Mrs Florida.

Lewis, you're laughing, tell us what you think. She said,

"This fucken bitch is on me, really hit me hard. Do I look like her husband? Lewis whisper's to his friends.

"What were you saying Lewis"Mrs Florida at it again.

'Women are to be respected, as the poet stated "a destruction of a woman can be the ends of thousands'' let's take a mum carrying triplet once she falls ill or falls down,does she takes the three babies away(the babies could die),with the Knowledge of those babies could have become someone with a brighter future but due to an illness, a woman suffered we lost them.

Same goes if a mum's food spoils or burns no one gets to be fed unless the mother sacrifices but how can she sacrifice when it has been spoilt. And also the thousands she stated wasn't necessarily thousands but describing how importantly a woman is needed! Lewis explains.

Bravo, excellent, Lewis… such a splendid explanation, I'm getting a teary eye — are you related to the poet. That's exactly what she would have said, I'm really proud, says Mrs Florida.

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