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Alandra & her Mom moved 8 hours away to Chicago because her mom received a promotion at work. It pays more plus more benefits so her mom had to take it. They have moved 4 times in a year. Alandra was so tired of moving. But her mom said this was the last time for awhile. but Alandra didn’t count on that. Alandra just turned 17, she’s been a dancer since she was 6 it was her passion to dance. When Alandra moved too the neighborhood she already met some friends Shay & Renee. Little did Alandra know these girls were dancers too & they are the leaders and they are hard on you… Alandra learned to fit in she was kinda popular because of Shay & Renee everything was going good til a night of fun ended with Alandra dying… Alandra died that night doing what she did best Dancing

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The Dancing Queen

Alandra & her Family just moved to Chicago because her mom got a promotion at her job but she had to work and move to Chicago. Much more money and benefits so they moved.

Alandra was use to moving, they have moved 4 times in one year. And as soon as she's just meeting friends and settling in they have too move.

They had been driving all day long and had just made it in Chicago. Finally they entered this neighborhood it seemed peaceful and quite it was a beautiful day everyone seemed to be outside. They pulled in front of this beautiful 2 story house it was a little old but it was beautiful. well this is it Alandra what do you think? It's beautiful mom.

The moving truck was pulling up & guys were unloading there belongings... Mom went inside to boss the guys around, She turned around and said Alandra dont go too far.

Mom im not a little girl anymore i just turned 17, Alandra rolled her eyes.

As Alandra was grabbing her bag out the car these 2 girls were walking up!!

Hey!!!!!! So your moving here? Oh by the way my name is Renee & this is Shay We live on this street!! Hi My name is Alandra im 17 moved here from Tennessee. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Nope said Alandra im the only child, As she was grabbing her Dance hat from last year. You dance? Shay asked? Yes i was a Dancer at my old school they called me the dancing queen!!!

Alandra!!!! Oh thats my mom guys gotta go see you later They watched as Alandra went inside.

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