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A heart-felt inspirational story on a couple how go through thick an thin, going on a break the both find eachother in God's kingdom heaven

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The begining

It was early in the morning when charity woke up from her sleep got up and did her normal morning routine like any normal 20 year old lady. After she was done she went straight to her kitchen to make a cup of coffee for herself and a fresh cube of brine fish for her tiny little goldfish. —"oh little guppies i don't wanna go into work today!" charity said in a dreaded tone. With that complaint she got ready and forced herself to get to work. Charity get there and put on a fake smile to hide her dread of working at the shitty place, and got to her little cubical because she is the one of the four superintendents at the company. —" Morning miss Charity!"said a man in the distance, Charity looked over her shoulder and saw her best friend Justin. "Morning JJ" Charity said. —"wow haven't heard you call me by my nickname since our college years." Justin was laughing, Charity and Justin have been bestfriends since their freshmen years of college. Ever since then they have been closer then their own families. After they jad their greetings Charity started to work.

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