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Maverick has always wished his family would win the lotto, his dad got hurt at work and wasn’t working as much they were barely making ends meet. But one day all that changes when Maverick goes and buy lotto tickets….

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His Lucky Day!!!

Maverick lived in a small town in Kentucky called Bardstown. He lived on a little farm with his parents and little sister. He always wished that his family could win the lotto, because his dad got hurt at work awhile back and he wasn't working as much as usual so they were short on money. there was alot of work that needed to be done around the house but times have been so hard.... well Maverick decided that day he was going to play the lotto maybe his wish would come true.. he's been saving his birthday money and Christmas money so he could buy several tickets. That afternoon he walked to the corner store and purchased 10 lotto tickets and hurried up and ran home. he couldn't wait til 6 so he can check his numbers. he placed all the tickets on the table and waited for them to call the numbers out. it was time they started calling out the numbers, the first few tickets didnt win but when he got to the 5th ticket he was shocked his eyes got wide and he couldn't believe it he won, one of his tickets had won. He had a winning ticket worth 70 million dollars and he had won it was his lucky day. His wish had finally came true.That was the day that his family became millionaires

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Lorainne Simmons Single mom been through a lot in my life, I enjoy to write it keeps me going, I’m not that good I’m still learning but I do enjoy to write… another thing I like to do is spend time with my daughter she’s a growing child and I love her so much!!! She’s all I have left after losing my immediate family

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