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Marissa was very shy & she wished she could over come being shy but that day at school wasn’t really going as planned until this random lady showed up and gave her some great advice.

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Shine Bright

Marissa just turned 20 a few weeks ago. she's always been shy her whole life. but she's always wanted to overcome being shy but she didn't quite no how to get there yet. One day she was walking to class and she dropped her book, and someone stopped to help her. She immediately said thank you and ran away. She felt so stupid for running away like that she just couldn't face anyone at that moment. she ran into the bathroom and washed her face to get ready to go back to class. it was only 2 period and she already knew that this day was going to be a long long day. Lunch time came quickly so she went and grabbed her food and found a table too sit and eat. Next thing she knows there was a lady standing next too her and says Shine bright!!! your a star and nobody can change that... you might not be a big star but eventually you will become the biggest brightest star ever!!! watch and see then the lady walked away... She kept repeating what that lady said and she smiled because the lady was absolutely correct. And one day she will be the biggest brightest star of them all just wait and see.

Those words stuck with her for awhile, she remembered every word that lady told her last year. All summer she was preparing herself for the new school year & the new her.. She wasn't going to be shy anymore she met some friends and started to become popular and she just smiled because. Yes she was the brightest Star of them all.

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Lorainne Simmons Single mom been through a lot in my life, I enjoy to write it keeps me going, I’m not that good I’m still learning but I do enjoy to write… another thing I like to do is spend time with my daughter she’s a growing child and I love her so much!!! She’s all I have left after losing my immediate family

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