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Ashley didn't know what was coming over her when she moved to the new city to start College, and Sam didn't know he would find something he never knew before.

Romance Suspense romantique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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There were worst things than being in the pouring rain on the first day of college. For example, being the only one that didn't own a car or an idea of how to get to the city from here. Her plan was to get downtown to get some books at the local library, just for the start, but things can change faster than planned, we all know that.

As soon as she figured out where the bus stop is located, she saw the bus passing by. The rain wasn't going to stop soaking her hair and all clothes, there was only this one tall but thin tree keeping her from being soaked down to her skin.

Besides the rain there was nothing but the roaring sound of a car getting closer and once it reached her and the tree a voice appeared from inside.

"Need a ride, I'm driving down town?" Max asked and politely opened the door to the passenger seat.

For a second her stomach told her not to get inside, but in the next second she remembered the guy's face and took the seat. She still wasn't feeling that well, but she needed that drive.

The long road was filled by trees on both sides, and the rain made it hard to sense anything else outside, except for the lights of the truck in front of them. It was clear that Max didn't enjoy being behind it for that quite a long time. He was hitting the gas before his look went over to wander over the girl's body sitting at the passenger seat. As she noticed, she tried to cover up more of her thighs by her skirt and backpack.

As time flew by, the feeling in her stomach started growing constantly, and she asked him for the next bus stop. He heard what she said, but ignored her completely. That wasn't his plan.

Since the first moment he saw her walking into the class, he was into her without any doubt. Of course, she was, she was new, young and pretty. To him, she looked like all the other girls at their first day in a new school or town, Ashley was both. It was her first day in college and in this city. He would do anything to make him her first one in everything else.

For another time, she asked him to stop by the next bus station and that she will find her way from there, but no reaction.

A small and quiet, "Please stop", was running over her lips before she was trying to open the door. Max hit the brakes, got out of the car to the passenger's door and opened it with a rough movement.

"You want to walk? Here you go, good luck out here!" He was pulling her out of the car, almost pushing her into the bushes next to the road. As fast as he threw her out, the faster he was gone, with nothing more to be seen as the taillights of his car down the road.

Still in shock but with the weird feeling in her stomach finally gone, Ashley was looking around. There was nothing but road, trees and the rain making it hard to look further. While walking along the side of the road and thinking what to do next, she didn't noticed the mud right in front of her, just in the next moment she found herself on the ground and covered in dirt.

Again there was the sound of a car getting closer, this time she wouldn't get in. Sliding across the mud, she managed to get up and started walking as fast as she could, even when the car stopped, and she could hear the door falling into its lock.

"Leave me alone, please." Were the words she was screaming before she started to run. A hand almost managed to grab her by her sleeve, but the next breath it was gone.

There was just a quiet, "Fuck!", noticeable behind her when she stopped to look over her shoulder.

It wasn't Max, there was another guy sitting in the mud beside the street looking at his now covered clothes. Slowly he got up, still trying to get the mud off his clothes, before he returned to his car without saying anything. Ashley followed him back to his car, not to get in, just to apologize, but he seemed busy checking for something on the backseat of his red truck.

Right when she wanted to leave, he held up a raincoat in front of her.

"Here, take this, you might need this."

"Thanks, thank you, but you don't have to."

"I just wanted to ask if you were okay, but then you started off running, do you need help or maybe a ride?"

The last question made a cold shiver running all over her back, but there was no weird feeling in her stomach, not even a single one. He was taking off his dirty and wet sweat jacket and threw it into the back of the car, which was filled with clothes and tons of other stuff.

"Do you live in there?" Her eyes were wandering all over the stuff and the truck itself.

"What? No, I'm on my way to the city to do my laundry. You still haven't answered my question, do you need a ride or not?" He walked around the car to open the door for her. The smile on his face put a smile on her own and she didn't know why, but she felt safe, safer than ever before.

"By the way, I'm Sam."

For a short moment, she got lost in his eyes and the way he smiled at her.

"Well then, nameless one, let's go!" Said Sam, before he walked around the car again and sat down on the driver's seat. Loud music came through the speakers as soon as he had turned the keys, but he turned it down quickly with a soft giggle and excuse that he needed it when driving through weather like that. It kept him focused, he said.

For some minutes they sat together without saying a word, while the rain was slowly calming down and some blue sky found its way through the clouds.

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I am so excited to read this
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Never felt like this when i'm reading a novel, my face covered with a huge smile and not to mention how it felt when i read this. I just could'nt stop imagining how it was.
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    That was one of the best comments ever. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it so much July 10, 2023, 20:55
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    Had some rough months and stopped writing for some time. Don't worry, new chapters will come soon. :) July 10, 2023, 21:08
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I really love this book so far and I literally just started,check out my book I've published,it may not be for everyone,but look at Skye's books as well✌🏼👌🏼😃
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