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Harper is out on his first misson under cover as a college student in CCA. He expects his mission to be dull and boring compared to his. But what he expects isn't what he gets

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Charlie Widow

My eyes shot open as my loud alarm rang, I could hear my two younger twin sisters running up and down the hallway. Unfolded the cover from over my legs, and grabbed my phone. I then noticed a text message titled, Jack TacoSalid DAY! I then groaned when I realized that today was my first mission. I had to go undercover in a college in CCA and find out who’s been spilling information about the Agency. I was in the spy section, the one I didn’t hope to be in. The Mayflower Operation had five sections in their society. Agent, Detective, Reporter, Gadget, and Spy.
Spies were mainly out in the field gathering information and intel about top secret things that are being underlooked by secret organizations such as Operation Mayflower. I then got myself ready and into character.

My Character had bleached blond hair with the scalp being black. Extra curly, circle glasses. I then put on a brown crock top and brown ripped jeans, then some black platform converse. I walked downstairs ignoring my fathers insults and my mother arguing. My father and mother fought all the time, and never seemed to notice me.

Grabbed my suitcase and yelled, “I’m off!” But they couldn’t hear me over there yelling. Gwenathen and Gabriella ran up to me hugging my legs. “Well miss you big brother!” They said in unison.

I patted their heads and smiled, I was going to miss them. But I had to put their safety above all matters, the agency was the only safest organization for my family since we had to move almost every year.

Maxine pulled up in my driveway, she rolled down her window and smiled. “Ready rookie?” She asked with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and put my luggage in the back, and got in the passenger seat.

“So, know the drill?” she started. I nodded, I knew the basic info of the mission. Get as much info as you can and report back as quickly as possible.” I said typing away on my phone.

The drive to CCA was about forty minutes and pretty boring if you asked me. We pulled up, seeing college students walking around and talking. I got out of the car and someone immediately got my luggage out and speed walked in the building. “Who.. was that?” I asked, pointing at the butler dressed man. “Oh.. that’s Yoshi. He’ll be your butler in your base underneath your dorm.” Maxine said, taking off her sunglasses. “Okay, basic info. Your name is Charlie Widow. You love the color yellow.” I cut her off. “I really don’t like yellow.” I cringed. “Well. Whatever. You love to listen to K-pop. You’re really clever at computers.” She continued on before I interrupted. “Was I put in Gadget? Uh… no,” I looked confused at her. “Here I’ll just text you the rest since you don’t wanna put up with it.” She exaggerated. She got in her black Handa and drove off, I pulled out my phone and typed in the secret code to the Mayflower Network. My friends were having more fun with their missions. Hacking into a military airplane, and fighting an illegal gambling of info from unknown subjects. But then it hit me, maybe whoever is stealing info is a part of this gang. But I continue walking and typing away. I was almost at the counter when I bumped into a girl who dropped all her things. “I am so sorry. I should have been looking where I was going.” I panicked, helping her pick up her things. “It’s no problem. I should have been looking where I was going instead of focusing on my papers. Bye,” She said quickly. Probably late for class.

I looked around, and the place looked amazing. But my mind went right back to the mission. When the elevator reached my floor there was a lot of gold and rich vibe coming from the view. “Uh… this isn’t the third floor.” The girl said. “This isn’t even a floor.” She finished. “Uh. might I ask. Who are you.” I asked. I took out my sleep dart behind my back. “Makayla Louis. But just call me CC.” CC introduced. “Right..” I said quietly.

I then quickly shot the dart. It landed directly on her shoulder. “Did…you.. just shot me with a … dart.” CC passed out as I caught her and dragged her to my room.

I went to my dorm to see it to my liking. I was glad I kept some of my identity. Operation Mayflower had found out the sciency way of Magic. That’s basically in the Reporter and Detective department.

“Harper Howler. Agent Takashi.” A lady’s voice said from behind me. And I knew that voice. I dropped CC, who landed with a thud. “Commander Jaguar.” I said turning around quickly and bowing. “What is this girl doing here?” She asked with a stare. “Well… I uh… You see um.” I stopped when I noticed CC waking up. “Huh? Where am I. And who are these people? Why are there so many gadgets and gizmos?” She asked. But when she finally saw Commander Jaguar, she panicked. “No! It can’t be… Mom?” She asked. “Mom?” I quivered. Commander and a daughter. “Mother. I have a dead child! Makayla Louis! She died. I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Commander said, getting all emotional. Commander almost never cried. “You…You. Can’t be. Makayla?” She asked. Shoving me out the way and cupping her child’s face. “How can you be… alive.” She asked. “I survived the fire. The only thing I had left was a photo.” She answered. Revealing her heart locket. I remember you telling me a lullaby.

Sweet dreams, resting here my child.

Dream beyond dreams and never seem to fear

The demons that hide in the dark.

“May never harm you here.” CC and the Commander said in unison. “Mom!” CC cried as she hugged her long lost mother. The commander sighed. “My daughter!” I blinked, crossing my arms.

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