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Tom, is an average everyday man. He worked as an engineer but was also a great handyman. One day after watching his favourite show, he was teleported to another world, where he decided to live a leisurely life

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Chapter 0

A wonderful, pleasant Friday afternoon; Tom was going him from work. He was on the bus and was half asleep. He was a young engineer; with short black hair and beautiful and innocent blue eyes. He was wearing a white shirt and was leaning onto a case he had in his lap. He was in his mid-twenties and had a wonderful physical appearance. Although he worked as an engineer, he was proficient in many aspects of life as well. He was also a great handyman.

The bus he was on was relatively empty; only a few other people were on it. Tom suddenly woke up and looked around; then he proceeded to the door of the bus; as the bus was about to come to a halt, and then he jumped off. As the light hit his face, he only sighed, and then a slight smile appeared on his face.

"Another tiring shift is over... I can go home, and attend to my garden... Then I will watch another episode of Onelord."

Mumbled Tom as he could finally open his eyes after they got adjusted to the light. He was in the centre of a smaller village. Next to the bus stop, there was a small shop, and after a brief moment, Tom headed towards the shop and entered. In the store, an elderly woman greeted him.

"Good afternoon Tom... My dear, you look terrible! What happened?!" Tom was greeted by the woman.

"Good afternoon... Nothing really; I just had a pleasant sleep on the bus and just woke up... My vision is still slightly a bit blurry after it. By the way, I would like the usual!" Replied Tom with a kind smile.

"Oh, dear... I almost forgot. I wanted to thank you for your help. Thanks to you, my AC works perfectly again! And as thanks, everything you buy today will be on the house, sweety!" Announced the elderly with a broad smile.

"Oh, no... no, I can't possibly do that! I already received so much help from you, and of course, it was a great learning experience for me as well... Besides, you already taught me how to tend to my farm properly!" Said Tom and stepped back and started waving with his hands.

"You are such a hind man, Tom! But now! I have decided, Whatever you buy today will be on the house, and don't come again with the usual bare minimum; otherwise, I will have to add a few extras myself!" Declared the woman and stared at Tom.

"F-fine... You win... Then please add an extra bottle of coke to the order."

Replied Tom and the elderly smiled. She quickly left, went through a back door and came back with a bag of items. As Tom noticed the bag, he stepped back once again.

"B-but that is almost thrice the amount I of my usual... I can't po...." Spoke Tom up, but he was interrupted.

"Dear, I told you, if you don't add more than the bare minimum, I will have to do that; now come here, here are your items."

Asserted the women. Tom slightly lowered his head and then took the bag. As he left, he waved and smiled at the elderly. Then he headed home, but as he set foot outside, a somewhat strong wind started playing with his hair.

"She is so nice... Maybe even too nice... She always does this. I feel so shameful... Every once in a while, I help her fix something, and I get everything for free... Even more, than I need and consume... But I can't just refuse, because she would come to my house and wouldn't leave until I accepted it... She is just too kind... I don't know how to repay her."

Thought Tom, and by the time he finished his line of thought, he had already arrived in front of his house. It was relatively small; it only had a bathroom, a small living room with some kitchen equipment and a bedroom. Everything was simplistic. Tom placed his bag on the table and quickly changed his clothes for work outside. Tom had quite a large garden, and as soon as he finished changing clothes, he went out to see his garden. He had planted many plants.

"Everything is so dry... When was the last time it rained?"

Thought Tom as he walked to his old-fashioned well to pull up a bucket of water. Much to his surprise, it was somewhat heavier than it should be, and as he looked inside the bucket of water. There was a stone in it, about the size of his fist. Tom quickly grabbed the stone and inspected it. It was bright yellow and very smooth; it felt almost as if it was man-made.


Tom heard a faint voice. He quickly looked around, but since he didn't see anyone, he just dropped the stone and started watering. He spent most of his afternoon watering the garden, and when he was finally done, he instantly went back into his house and sat down on his couch.

"Today is Friday... That means I will have two free days for myself. Tomorrow I guess I will remove the weed from the plants, as today I am too tired to do that, and it is already getting quite late... I guess one Onelord episode is due... One episode, then I will go to sleep."

Mumbled Tom and started a new episode of Onelord. In this episode, a being with enormous magical power defeated an entire army with minimal effort. Tom enjoyed every second of it.

"I wish I could go to a world similar to Onelord... A world where magic exists and many people can use it... I would do my best to get as strong as possible to live a life without worry... Ah... what a dream come true it would be!" Mumbled Tom and started walking towards his bed.

"Achnolaged...Searching!" Said a distant voice again.

"What the... Who could it be?!"

Mumbled Tom and looked around once again. He started hearing footsteps, so he looked out the window. He noticed that a girl was walking towards his front door.

"What? Why is she coming here? It is almost night... Well... Let's just hear her out..."

Sighed Tom and walked to the door, and opened it before the girl could knock, slightly surprising the girl. The girl instantly smiled as she looked at Tom.

"Sorry for the late intrusion, but I am afraid. My grandmother requires your assistance again..." Said the girl, and she slightly lowered her head.

"What happened?"

"Her bed suddenly cracked and broke... Could you come and help fix it? She can't go to sleep like that! Even if you can just fix it for a few days, it would be greatly appreciated... Due to her back, she can only sleep in that bed..." Explained the girl and further lowered her head.

"I can give it a try... I don't know how solid it will be or how it broke... Although I don't have screws on me, I do have some nails still left... maybe that will do the trick. But first I will have to find it... While I am at it, why don't you come inside." Replied Tom, and the girl walked in with a wide smile.

"Thank you so much!"

Shouted the girl and jumped up in excitement. Tom, on the other hand, was lost in thoughts. He started looking for his nails, and eventually, he found a handful of them in his bedroom in a small container. Right next to his hammer.

"5x130? ah... well, they most likely will be quite large, but I will have to make do with it..."

Mumbled Tom and quickly put his last nails into his pocket, and grabbed his hammer, then proceeded to go back to the girl.

"Thank you for helping us even at night." Said the girl as soon as she noticed the hammer in Tom's hand.

"Don't mention it; now let's go."

Said Tom, and after he closed his door, they left. They only walked a few houses and had already arrived at the house. The girl rushed ahead and opened the door for Tom, who used the doormat before he stepped in. He was led to the bed.

"Grandma decided to go out and be with her chickens, so if you need anything, please let me know..." Siad the girl and smiled.

"It seems one of the legs broke, and the side of the bad seems to be quite loose... Give me a few minutes, and I will be done!" Mumbled Tom.

"I-I will go and inform grandma about the great news; I will be right back!"

Said the girl and quickly left the room, and then walked outside where the shop owner was standing.

"Grandma... He instantly noticed the problem... And accurately pointed it out... I think he knows that you PURPOSELY did this! Why even bother him with this?!"

"Sweety... You know his past; He technically grew up alongside him... You must know how lonely he can be... He was abandoned, remember? He lost everything he had... He doesn't even have a family name... But despite his past, he loves helping people... Do you think he would come here this late if he wasn't happy about it?! I just want to make his life a bit easier... I am giving him free food at the store to help him just a little, but I can tell that he is bothered by it; that is why I am doing it so that he can feel like repaying me! Dear... You do know that I see him as if he was my own grandchild."

Explained the elderly, and tears welled up in her eyes. And then, the two remained quiet until Tom finished and walked up to them with a wide smile.

"It is done; I don't know how long it will hold, as it is quite an old piece of furniture, but at least you can sleep today!" Informed them, Tom.

"Thank you! You are very kind; please allow me to..." Siad, the elderly but was cut off by Tom.

"No-no! I can't; you already gave me way too much!"

Said Tom, and after a quick nod, he left. He headed home, but on his way, he stopped for a moment and looked at the beautiful starry sky and the full moon.

"A magical realm... where I can be finally useful and can prove myself without having to rely on others..."

Mumbled Tom and continued walking home. As he opened his door, he closed his door and put his keys into his pocket and was about to go to sleep, but he looked out the window once again.

"Search succesfull... Connected successfully... Calibration commence..." Said the distant voice again.

"What the..." uttered Tom

"Calibration successful."

Said once again the distant voice, and suddenly Tom coughed blood. He quickly fell to his knees and stared at his own blood, which painted his shaking palms red. He started panting, and his heart was pounding faster and faster.

"Warning... Calibration recommence... Success... Coordinates found... Creation Commence...Success... Warning... Error..." Said the distant voice.


Screamed Tom at the top of his lung, causing him to vomit blood, and both his nose and ears started blooding at the same time.

"Warning...Critical error... Corrupted po...."

Said the distant voice, but suddenly it was cut off. Tom was just kneeling and shaking as his nose and ears kept on bleeding.

"Success... Teleportation calculated... Teleportation Initiated..."

Said the voice, and Tom started screaming as hard as he could. Moments later, every window in his house shattered; some even cut his face. A powerful gust of wind appeared in his house, which moved every piece of furniture in the building, cracking and damaging them. Even the walls were damaged, but Tom was not affected by it. Only the blood on his face was blown off and mixed around in the room. Suddenly a bright blue flash happened.

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