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Taehyung's soul piercing gaze gets the better of Seokjin and the eldest tries his best to ignore it as much as he can. But until when?

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Coffee and Donut

Seokjin never intended to act like a cold jerk toward his younger friend, but it had to happen. Cause every day, it was getting harder for him to control his feelings. It was hell and heaven just being near that ditzy guy and the fact that Taehyung had been clingy these past few weeks made Seokjin's head spin and his heart almost jumping out of his chest.

The door opening startled him visibly, with his shoulder jerking forward as he faced the entryway. Taehyung came into his vision.

“Oh hey, hyung! Got your coffee and donuts.” he chimed in as he closed the door with his foot. Seokjin flashed a friendly smile as he reached for the paper bag with their snacks.

“Thanks, Tae! You didn't have to buy a lot though two donuts would have been fine.” Seokjin commented as he rummaged inside the paper bag and got one glazed donut, then started to chew on it, showing how hungry he was.

“Well I was thinking that we might get hungry during the recording so that's why I bought quite a few.” the younger replied as he settled down on the swivel chair while sipping on his chosen drink. His eyes was glued to the eldest who was busy eating the donut.

‘its so unfair how he looks so good with everything he does’ tae thought to himelf. ‘he honestly looked like he's shooting a commercial right now while eating that donut.’

“So, what do you have for me? You seem excited last night when you texted me about this track you were working on.” Seokjin asked as he finishes the donut he was feasting on a few minutes ago. He grabbed a wet wipes from his bag and wiped his fingers and lips, still unaware of the fact that the younger was still staring at him.

It was only after he throw the soiled wipes in the nearby bin when he realized that Taehyung wasn't talking to him, as he turns his attention to the younger male, Seokjin was taken aback by how intense he was staring at him. And as their gaze met, he could feel this little pit of warmth in his stomach slowly climbing up his neck and up to his ears and God knows that whenever he felt embarrassed it was his ears that always give him away. Seokjin wanted to look away and just stop this staring contest but that hypnotizing gaze was just too powerful for him to look away so what he did is he cleared his throat and it worked cause the younger male was definitely out of this silent trance he was in earlier, his doe eyes are now back and he blinked a couple of times before finally speaking.

“Uh, what was that hyung?” Taehyung asked dumbfounded by what just happened moments ago. He was ogling and probably staring too much cause he could see Seokjin's ears and face in full bloom. The elder was obviously embarrassed which made him look even cuter, tae thought to himself.

“I said, what is the track you were so excited to bring me into.” Seokjin replied right away as he composed himself by sitting straight and looking anywhere aside from Taehyung. He honestly just want this day to be done and over with cause his heart is still beating wildly by that short moment. And to think that Taehyung was just simply staring at him got him all hot and bothered already, god, this is gonna be a long day.

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