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Melaine is stuck in another realm not knowing if her world is safe. With her brothers memory lost and no guidance Melaine is lost

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Getting Materials

I thanked Mrs. Bertha the nice old lady who sold materials. I put my left AirPod back in my ear, as I began walking down the sidewalk. A faint voice began speaking my name, but I didn't hear. It spoke again, and I didn't hear it once more. It spoke louder, making me drop my infinite chest-pack.

"Hello?!!" Mathew yelped. I looked over to him with a scrunched up face. "Why'd you yell my name?" I asked. "I called your name like three times Samantha!" He reassured.

"Oh..well you know once I have both Air Pods in I can't hear a thing," I mentioned again.

Then I saw a girl in an oversized hoodie, who looked lost. "Hello? Could you tell me where I could find a guy named Henry?" She asked. "Oh Henry Godly? He's my brother and of course I could. Follow me and Mathew." I smiled, turning around to Mathew who was bucked eyed.

After a while I saw this creepy lady in the middle of downtown market, I saw my brother. Greg, Chloe and Gwen who looked pretty beat up. I then realized people were running away. Screaming, I saw the burnt marks on the road and sidewalk.

"Henry?" I yelled, as he looked over to me with worry. He looked at me as I saw fear in his eyes. "Ohhh..This is precious..Both Godlys in the flesh...So let me guess. She's the second descendant?" The weird creepy lady spoke evilly. "Leave her out of this!" My brother screamed. "Gwen, Greg, and Chloe take Mathew, Samantha and Aubree the girl with white hair to Mrs. Bertha market. It's the only safe spot!" My brother yelled. As Gwen, Greg, and Chloe ran over to me in an instant, grabbing all three of us and rushing towards Mrs. Bertha's shop.

"Henry!!" I screamed at my brother as the weird witch lady rose, purple lighting around her as she floated higher. My brother gave me a faint smile, before he looked back at the weird lady with a serious look on his face.. They grabbed me quickly taking me and the other to the nearest and only store standing. "Why are you guys bringing my brother!!" I screamed. "I thought in the world of minecraft we would always "craft, help, and explore with one and another!" I screamed once more, hot and wet tears streaming down my cheek. "We took an oath...You're brother two..To protect you..By taking you to Dragomania....A distant world..." Gwen spoke, her voice trembling..Then we heard a loud and painful groan from my brother, as he collapse to the ground. "HENRYY!!" I screamed, Greg rushed outside. Gwen grabbed Mathew and Chloe grabbed me leaving Aubree the girl we just met for Greg to take as everything went black as I woke up on a weird stone bridge.The people looked different around me..They looked..or had horns..Dragon horns..Where was I. "Guys."I groaned, feeling my forehead. I two had horns.

I stumbled to my feet, disoriented and confused. The stone bridge beneath me was cold and rough against my skin. As I looked around, I noticed that the people passing by were not just regular humans, but beings with dragon-like features. Horns protruded from their heads, and their eyes glowed with a mysterious power. "Where am I?" I whispered to no one in particular. Panic started to rise within me as I realized I was far away from home, in a world I never knew existed. My mind filled with questions, but there was no one to answer them. Suddenly, a figure emerged from the crowd, wearing a long, flowing cloak that concealed their face. Their presence was both eerie and enchanting. I hesitated for a moment, unsure whether to approach them or run in the opposite direction. Before I could make a decision, the figure turned towards me. I gasped as I recognized the familiar eyes behind the cloak. It was my brother, Henry! Relief washed over me, but it was short-lived as I noticed the pain etched on his face. "Henry!" I cried, rushing towards him. Gwen and Chloe held me back, cautioning me to stay put. I could see the worry in their eyes, and my heart sank. Something was seriously wrong with Henry, and it was up to me to find a way to help him.

"Hello? Wher-where is here?" The person who looked liked my brother.."That's..not your brother..I mean he is..But..he has no memory so we don't know if he good or bad intentions already set..." Chloe confirmed. "I got him out of their before Ali could get to him," Greg said softly...

"Now we need the king, and queen. They will know what to do..After all..That is their son..." Gwen said seriously. Mom..Dad... What was going through my mind...

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