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Soft and delicate just like her name, Silk. Hard and cold just like his name, Chain. Is it possible for two complete opposite characters to match up? He wants power and absolute dominance. Every single moment with her is a new challenge for him. His control and restraint are put to the test when he is with her, bringing out the worst in him. She wanted romance but she got thriller. She wanted the Fairy-tale Prince, but she got "The Prince of Darkness." Her fairy tale transformed into a nightmare from which she cannot escape. Her every day life ended up being a struggle for survival. Happiness turned into fear and despair from which he is fed on. Will redemption come from escape, renouncement or will it come from a dangerous, inconceivable and impossible thing called "love?" The game of dominance and submission begins!

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I ran to the door to open and welcome him.
Before even I catch the knob, I picked on a last glance over me to check if I could pick his interest in looking at me with acceptance most importantly, I wanted to be perfect for him, even when I am at home. It was one of his many rules.

He always made me feel nervous about his rules. I was constantly afraid of making mistakes because his punishments were harsh and cruel. I felt like he was treating me like this because I was a huge disappointment to him. I wanted to be perfect for my husband, that's why I was trying to remember how exactly he wanted me to be, so that I won't make him mad or draw his attention and put new ideas of punishments in his mind, as usual.

I was wearing a light floral mini-dress. It was May but it was hot, so I was wearing flip-flops, the same color as my coral-pink toenails. The fruity scent of my shampoo was still wafting in the air. I felt proud of myself for my hard work. This time I'm sure he will be pleased with my efforts and maybe, just maybe, I could lift his spirit and stop looking at me as a predator closing in on its prey to feed on. With that last wish in my heart, I took a big breath, grabbed the knob, and opened the door.

- You're late.

He said barging into me, as he entered the house in a hurry, without even taking a second look at me. He looked tired. My smile began to falter, but I was doing my best to keep it intact. He was holding his briefcase so I came close to take it from his hand to help and comfort him but he pulled it out of my grab, leaving it on the coffee table himself in our living room and he plumped it down on the white sofa.

- A hard day huh?

I asked tentatively, trying to be compassionate and kind towards him.

He had closed his eyes while throwing his head at the back of the sofa, exposing to my eyesight his long muscular neck with his Adam's apple right in front of me. I gulped at the sight of the exposed skin of his neck, as his shirt was unbuttoned at the top, making me thirsty while my eyes were running through that area.

His body was always my Achilles' heel. At my words, however, he raised his head and opened one eye, looking with suspicion. He frowned as a deep line appeared between his eyebrows. His eyes were looking at me now! Oh, those eyes!

They were the clear celestial blue of a perfectly cloudless sky with a tiny band of dark blue highlighting the outer edges of his irises. His eyes were searing in their intensity and shining with intellect. I had a feeling his looks, really could kill. Or at the very least, devastate. And I was certainly devastated at the moment. Captivated by a man too perfect to be real. That unreal man, that happened to be my husband, and his striking beauty combined with his erotic ways of enticing me to his "game", was a double-edged knife for my weak heart.

I immediately felt embarrassed. I was afraid he would catch me looking at him greedily. I knew the sequel after that. If he caught me doing something wrong, something forbidden, or breaking his rules, he would start his "game." The only sure thing was that I would always be the loser. I think he wants me to lose on purpose so that he can carry out his -oh so infamous- punishments.

I didn't know from the beginning what was his deal, but I had to get used to him quickly.

At first, he got angry.
It was the first time he had looked at me since morning and he was angry. At least he would appreciate my effort to look beautiful for him, by looking at me. I was hoping for a compliment or something.
Instead of answering my question with a "yes" or "no", he slowly looked up at me, scanning me from top to bottom.

I swallowed nervously but I knew I had nothing to fear. I was confident and as far as I knew, no wife spent so many hours in her care routine just to be presentable and desirable for her husband.

Always his look, made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when he was scanning me like that. I was pretty sure that he would find a flaw in me to point it out, to remark on me to have an excuse to treat me just like I have been treated for a month since we got married.

- Are you wearing a bra?

He asked me bluntly in his husky, deeply masculine voice.

After swallowing one more time just to give my brain time to work and function, I realized my mistake. Why did I forget it? Maybe when I was choosing a dress to wear, I had put on a bra experimentally, to show off my small breasts and made them look quite big, to gain some courage and confidence, but unfortunately, I forgot to take it off-poor me-.

My heart rate increased along with my trembling. What chances did I have not to annoy him for disobeying his most important command -"Don't wear any bras?"- Probably none.

- Yes...

I said as calmly as I could.

- Take it off...

He ordered with his rich voice. It was an erotic voice. And downright yummy.

My senses dulled as he nailed me with his eyes.
I went to take off the dress, but he stopped me.

-...without taking off the dress.

He added and looked at me with a sly smile, taking a position, as if he was ready to see any show unsuitable for minors.

I tried to think how I would be able to do what he ordered me. Why was it so difficult for me? I knew he had set a goal to torment and torture me, putting me in a difficult position, so that I make mistakes and punish me as if that was the purpose of his life. The only thing that gave him meaning, joy, and reason to exist, as crazy as it sounded. Honestly, I have no clue what kind of ideas did he have about marriage. But how am I supposed to know when we never talk?

Many times I felt that he deceived me. He married me to have a woman to torture and exploit her. The only good thing about it was that he has never hit me. If he wanted to punish me, he would do it to embarrass me, to make me feel ashamed because he probably must have realized that I was quite shy, or he would sexually harass me. Anyway, I did not like it and I did not want to go against him. He was a man of power and prestige, tall, muscular, well built, with dark hair and contrasting blue eyes. Sharp jawline, with strong cheekbones, usually deliberately-unshaven and long neck.

He was fit with broad shoulders and a triangular-shaped back, biceps and forearms, bulged chest, abs that look like a washboard or like a chocolate bar, that fit in a narrow, slim waist with a profound V line. He also had strong athletic thighs and butt that made the female population pinned at him when he was walking on the street. His muscles were hard, lean and gorgeous, and well-defined in places I didn't even know a man could get muscles. You name it bulged with raw, masculine strength.

Generally, he was a handsome piece of cake, an eye candy with a breathtaking appearance, although his gaze alone is enough to undress you when he looks at you. This is what all women see when they see him and fall for his looks, I'm sure, but they have no idea that this image is just a beautiful mask, a trap because it is the disguise for the Lord of Darkness himself.

His image is deceiving. It prevents you from seeing the monster that is lurking deep inside. A heartless, lifeless, sadistic monster, whose sole purpose is to slowly absorb the energy of his victim's psyche, leaving it a helpless prey, trapped in his ruthless hands.

I was that victim, feast for a crow. I was the sheep that was exposed in a meadow, ready to be devoured by the big, bad wolf, named Chain.

That's how I felt right now. Exposed. My heart was working overtime and I did not know how to cope with the new stress that Chain was adding to my back. He was waiting for me to obey. After I had not made any moves yet, he got up abruptly from the couch and approached me.

Ι swallowed. That's it. He would punish me. Who knows what he would do to me because of loitering because I didn't do immediately what he told me to do...

- Today you are slow in everything!

He said threateningly in front of me as he put his hands on his waist as if trying to intimidate me with his attitude. He was inches away from me and I could feel his gaze on my eyes, pinning me down. But I could not look at him. I was looking down, shaking like a little bird.

- So I will do it.

He said and wrapping a finger around the strap of the bra strap, he slid it from my shoulder to my arm. I was relieved because, to be honest, it was too tight for me. I was sure it would have left a red mark on my shoulder. Unfortunately, I had taken a smaller number on purpose to make my breasts look bigger.

He lowered the other strap. With a few small maneuvers, he managed to remove the bra straps from his hands, without lowering the straps of the dress. How many times has he done it to other women to be so good and accurate? Thoughts began to surround me.

Then dragging his hands under my short dress, I shivered at his touch. As awful as it sounds to me, I always had this reaction when he touched me. My body just can't get over it. It woke up to his touch and I could not change that, nor tame it, although I knew that the next moment he would be hard on me. His hands reached my waist and continued up until they found my bra.

I saw that he had locked his eyes on me, he then, lowered his gaze to the striking bust as I thought, because of the tight bra I was wearing and I felt his hands grab the edge of the bra and pull it slowly down, without unclasping it. When I realized what he was doing, I turned my gaze up to him who was looking at me at that moment with a sadistic smile. My frightened look said it all.

I spontaneously went to grab his hands to stop him. My bra was too tight. The way he chose to put it out ... I wanted to avoid it. Avoid the pain.

- What are you doing?

He said and stopped for a moment. His look was angry and stern.

- Do not do it like that, let me unclasp it first...please...

A crooked, mocking smile formed on his sensual lips and I swear, at that moment he looked like the Devil himself when he is coming to take someone's soul back to his flaming den.

- My order was clear. I do not want you to wear a bra. It's not my fault if you're wearing such a small cup that it leaves red marks on your body.

He knew I had a complex. He knew that if I got something like this, it was for the sake of being more beautiful. Inwardly, I did it for him and he was making fun of me. He was mocking me!

Besides, I could not understand his obsession with me roaming around without a bra. But now I began to understand. He wanted to resent me, to make me feel bad for every time I come out at him, which is rare, but occasionally I have my tantrums when he is suffocating me with his unmatched crazy behavior, or maybe he just wanted to make fun of me at every opportunity when I would walk around with my small breast exposed.

He kept lowering it slowly, fixing his eyes on me, as if waiting for the expression of my pain with eagerness and longing. When he reached the critical point of my breasts, my nipples, I felt a sharp pain and screamed, grabbing his shirt with my fingernails.

My chest was one of the most sensitive parts of my body and unfortunately, Chain understood it from the first night of our wedding and did not miss the opportunity to use it as a weapon against me whenever he wanted to "punish" me.

I almost felt tears in my eyes. Why should I be treated like this? What hurt me the most, was the joy and ecstasy he felt at that moment. There was no doubt. He was a sadist. A monster in the disguise of the most charming and sexy man I have ever seen. Whenever I go back to the past, remembering the first time I met him and he was like the prince of a fairy tale, I thought I did not deserve to meet such a man! He was too perfect to be real and I was too lucky to catch his attention and make him propose to me.

Even when he wanted to get to know me better and he asked me out, I thought he wasn't serious and that he was making fun of me. When I went on our first date I was almost sure that he would make me wait for him, only to ditch me right then and there. And yet, he came and we had a wonderful time together. He was perfect, an ideal Prince Charming but I was blind back then. I did not suspect anything when he proposed to me too soon. I accepted immediately his proposal, not believing my unexpected luck.

Little did I know that my fairy tale would end on the first night of our wedding...

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