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Charlie had to escape, the Hixmi was on his tale. Ivie, and Rozy on his right and Jordan and Ary on his left. It was raining hard, and the smell of moss was in the air. He didn't know if they were gonna make it in time. The castle, the Soulisty Castle was in view. They were gonna make it! They had to, they had to get the time glass to O.C "Help!" Rozy screamed as the Hixmi was dragging her on the ground by her ankle. Ivie grabbed her hand and was trying to yank her free. "Go Charlie! Go to O.C! We've got this!" Ivie screamed. Ivie pulled out her wand out. "Nixsomi..Gorgdeum!" She shouted, hexing the Hiximi back. and Charlie nodded as he held the key in his right hand and the hour glass in his right. Jordan slashed out his wand, "Wixmorium!" He shouted, a red power whip of electricity emerged from the tip of his black widow wand, as Charlie dashed to the castle. He had to make it.

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The Soulisty Path Awaits

Charlie passed through his room, he was nervous about his first day at Soulisty. His twin sister Ivie sat on his bed scrolling through Pinterest on her phone.

“You don’t need to overthink it, Charls,” She reminded, placing her phone down. Charls was the nickname she always used for him when he got “stressed out.” Ivie tends to speak British, but only a little since she’s part England and America.

“But Ivie! We’re only twelve going to a school of Magic. Filled with kids who are pure-blood magic and half-blood!!” He blurted, his British accent squeaking a bit.

Ivie sighed as Charlie did this alot, he always thought of the worse instead of the good. “Charls, you need to calm down. It’s no biggie. Jake is a year six and he’s fine.” She reminded Charlie to lighten his mood.

“So?! He’s had more experience than me! Than us!” Charlie yelled.

Ivie rolled her eyes, “Charlie. You need to get a grip. We’re twelve and going to a school that will bring us wonder and adventure!” Ivie said, dreaming of the future. But she noticed that her little speach wasn’t working on Charlie.

“You'll find a way to manage there. But you’ll soon have to grow up.” She snapped, she sighed from annoyance. She couldn’t help his ADHD.

“Mom texted me, said we're leaving in five.” She said firmly.

She got up and placed her hand on Charlie’s shoulder, “You’ll be fine. I got your back, and soon your friends when you make them.” She smiled, as she left the room.

⌁☍₊˚꒷Charlie Widow꒷₊˚☍⌁

Charlie sat by Ivie on a bench, as they waited for the train, he was fidgeting with his fidget toy when his black kitten crawled from his wizard robe.

“Hey Salem,” He smiled, converted by his little familiar. Salem was a vanish cat, for its black fur, it can vanish within a shadow and appear out another in an instant.

“I’m glad you're here Salem,” He smiled. Ivie looked over as she pulled out her phone. She pulled Charlie and Salem into a hug as she took a picture.

Charlie had a blank expression, as he looked at Ivie’s phone. “I’ll post it on my Soulsnap story!” She said with a smile.

“Are you sad that a familiar hasn’t chosen you yet?” Charlie asked, he knew that Ivie was a complicated person but it was in a good way.

Before they had gotten an acceptance letter, they went to a school called Middle More. They had a little gathering when it was time for the kids to get their familiars. But Ivie never got hers, she didn’t know why. She took the truth test but came up empty.

Charlie thought for a moment, maybe Ivie wasn’t meant to get her familiar now. Maybe it was supposed to happen at a different time.

His parents always told him he had Klamo. Klamos is a rare ability that some people are born with. They have the ability to connect with a familiar, understand it, and share magic with it. Klamos also get the ability to feel what other people are feeling when around them, or touching them. They can also read faster, have powerful magic, and have a ninety-nine percent foresight of what a problem might lead to. Such as if you needed to jump off a sixty feet tall building, and the quickest way wasn’t what it seemed. That’s a job Klamo’s are known for, and the ones who survive things like that.

Ivie sighed, and looked up at the ceiling as if she was searching for something. “A bit,” She replied back. “But, witches don’t have to have a familiar.” She smiled.

“But-” Charlie tried to speak but Ivie cut him off. “Charles, you're a Klamo and that's obvious. I know you just think because we are twins you think I will have every talent you do. But I don't. I'm just a pure-blood witch who doesn’t have all the skills you do.” She smiled, before looking at Charlie with a questioning look.

“How did you know what I was gonna say? I didn’t even say anything! And plus, I never say anything like that so how?!” He asked desperately for an answer. “I-I don’t know! Don’t integrate me like that, you know I don’t work well under pressure!” She spat, before bursting into a laugh.

Charlie laughed with her as the train pulled up as kids started hugging their parents and entering the train.

Charlie and Ivie stood up before their Mama, and their Mama’s boyfriend Fin walked up to them. Charlie and Ivie who smiled at their Mama but secretly gave Fin a death stare. He flinched and a feeling went up his spine.

He chuckled as he gave them both a thumbs up, the two rolled their eyes and walked towards the train when Charlie was feeling a strange feeling creeping up his spine.

He shivered from the feeling of looking down to see Salem in his arms. He turned his head to see anyone behind him, no one there.


He thought as he and Ivie climbed into the train.

⌁☍.𖥔 ݁ ˖Ivella Widow˖𖥔 ݁ ˖☍⌁

The two sat in a cart as they watched out the window, Charlie sighed as he pulled out his phone. He checked the time but as soon as he was ready to put it away he got a text message from an unknown number.

He clicked on it as it formed a letter that popped out of thin air, it said.

Dear Charlie, I know this might sound weird, and a bit strange, but you are the key to Soulisty. You must find O.C they will have what you seek

Sincerely, KC

Ever since they made Wiz Phones, letters can be sent from the phone out of thin air, yet there's still a copy of it in text form.

“What’s that?” Ivie asked, Ivie was always nosey. Charlie started to fold the letter. “It’s nothing Ivie,” He lied

“Oh really? So someone just had to choose the letter setting and send that letter to you?” She asked in a sassy way.

“Yeesss?” Charlie said, making an awkward smile.

“Hmmmm. Wingardium Leviosa!” Ivie said.

“Hey!” Charlie shouted as Ivie lifted up his phone from his lap and brought it to her.

She unlocked the phone and pulled up the text message.

She was quiet when she read, it went on for a good deal of time before she tossed it back.

“What?” Charlie responded, tucking the phone and letter in his pocket.

“Nothing! I read the text message. Spooky. After that I just went through your phone. You have no juicy secrets.” She complained before walking out the cart.

⌁☍₊˚꒷Charlie Widow꒷₊˚☍⌁

After a while when Ivie left a young boy who looked around Charlie’s age bursted in. As he slammed the door behind him.

He was panting as he swayed back his blond hair as he got the messy good lookin hair style.

The boy looked up as he blinked once before awkwardly chuckling.

“Um..Ha! Um..S-sorry f-for intruding.” He apologized, he was British like Charlie.

“Um.. It's no problem!” Charlie smiled.

Suddenly some banging came from behind the cart door. “Ohh Gallaway!!” A boy said.

“I know you're in there!” The boy said.

“Oh Bloody-” Before the kid could finish. Charlie rushed in front of him.

“Ventus!” Charlie shouted as it shot a burst of air, and knocked down the doors as they fell against the boys.

Ivie was walking back to the cart with a plat full of cheesecake.

She was halfway eating it when she saw the half demolished cart with the doors collapsed on four boys.

⚯𖤍𖤓☾⭑Arzen Gallaway⭑☾𖤓𖤍⚯

Charlie was stuffing his face with cheesecake as the boy and Ivie stared at him.

He blinked as he swallowed and whipped his mouth. “Excuse me, I didn't eat breakfast.” He chuckled awkwardly before eating the last bite slowly and properly.

The boy chuckled as he smiled. “I can’t thank you enough for your help.” He thanked Charlie. “But I’m not sure my moms not gonna be happy with the damage I was involved in.” He chuckled awkwardly with a sigh. “I’m getting grounded.” he groaned

Ivie raised an eyebrow, the boy chuckled slightly.

“She’s the headmistress, and she has high expectations for me.” He sighed looking out the window.

Charlie nearly choked on his cheesecake before Salem pounced on his back to stop him from coughing.

“Wha-t. You-are The Hea-dmas-ters s-on.” He coughed. “Charlie! Eat before you talk.” Ivie snapped before going back to her pleasant tone.

“You're the Headmistress' son?”

“And yes I am.” He chuckled.

“Arzen Gallaway!!” Ivie shouted. “Uhh..yes.” He smiled before the train stopped, dead on its breaks. Making all of us yank forward, and making Charlie drop his cheesecake.

⌁☍.𖥔 ݁ ˖Ivella Widow˖𖥔 ݁ ˖☍⌁

The train had to stop because something was blocking the train from entering Soulisty grounds, an invisible force field.

“Sorry kids, it seems like we're going to be a bit late. Some magic barrier is blocking our way. And we're doing our best to find a spell to break it. In the meantime, please stay in your carts and stay put. We don’t need any of yall getting lost in them forest.” The conducteur explained.

The three sat in the cart, gazing out the window. As the witches and warlocks fail, aimlessly at breaking the barrier down.

“We should explore,” Ivie smirked, opening the window. “But we’re supposed to stay in the cart!” Arzen protested.

“Are you too scared to make your mother mad?” Ivie asked, using reverse psychology on him. “And plus we won’t go far, just a little walk in the forest!” She explained.

Eventually Arzen said yes, and the three snuck out the window. Dashing across the field and into the forest.

They all stop to breathe, before they look up to see a girl. Her long white hair blew in the air, and a tall black, gray fox stood beside her. Staring at the three, mainly at Arzen. “Whoa!” Ivie blurted until the girl heard and looked up. Quickly hopped on the fox and dashed off.

“That was weird.

⌁☍₊˚꒷Charlie Widow꒷₊˚☍⌁

They all sat in the floating boats as they rode across the mirror lake to Soulisty, Sixth Years, Seventh Years, and others shot firework spells saying Welcome First years.

The Mirror Lake is a lake but a mirror if you fall in it, an opposite version of you comes out in your place. Meanwhile you are stuck in the opposite world until opposite you falls in. Charlie tried to acknowledge the fireworks spells being casted

Charlie wrote in his small journal of what to accomplish at Soulisty, Ivie typed away on her phone as she didn’t focus or admire any of the magic being done.

Arzen noticed the quietness and sensed awkwardness and started a conversation.

“Umm…So! I noticed you had a familiar. Vanisher?” He asked Charlie. Charlie looked over and Salem popped from the shadow as his black fur rubbed against Arzen’s. “Yeah! His name is Salem,” Charlie smiled. “Awesome name! Mines QueenStar.” Arzen responded as a bright light shined out of nowhere and a small, white furred deer-fox emerged. “She’s so cute!!!” Charlie awed. He reached out to QueenStar as she hopped him in his arms.
“She’s so fluffy!!” He shouted.

“Yeah, mother got it for me, because 1. I’m a Klamo. 2. Because I adore arctic foxes.” Arzen mentioned.

“You’re a Klamo too?! So am I. My parents say I’m one of the rare Klamos. Kalamos. Weird name, but epic quirks!” Charlie awed. Ivie noticed her brother coming out of his shell, she liked it. But was even more jealous of Ary and his abilities, Ary just said he was also a rare Klamo. “Kalamo” is a weird name but just like Charlie said. “Epic quirks,” Ivie though

The boat stopped as the kids climbed out the boat and headed towards the Gate, but Charlie was sensing something.
He turned around but nothing was there. Strange, he thought again. The same feeling he felt from the train station, the feeling still made his hairs on his neck shiver.

“Charlie?” Arzen said, his British accent sounding concerned. “You alright?” He asked.

Charlie walked quickly back to Arzen and Ivie, “Yeah. All good,” he lied. Something wasn’t right, but he didn’t know what.

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Shawnice Pate Shawnice Pate
Ah, Soulisty. Clever word. Interesting meaning. I like this story. Magic, Boats, Foxes? I find it close about anything can be possible. I can appreciate it as a reminder to a similar book I've read. There are differences that I see in this magic story though. It makes me smile. Thank you.
May 25, 2024, 20:39

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