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Amelia Mill has a weird family you see most families are either vampires or werewolf’s her family is split down the middle half of her family being werewolf’s and her half being vampires but that came at a price Amelia is neither she is a human.What will happen after she is bitten by a vampire and cut by a werewolf within the same 24 hours.Will she be a vampire or a werewolf .

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Chapter 1:Happy Birthday


"Happy birthdays Melia.” “Oh off Amaris.” ““Aw ok .” “ Oh don’t get all sad now give your big sister a hug.” Amaris giggles and climes on Amelia’s bed and cuddles up to her side and falls asleep with her arms wrapped aroundAmelia.” Sorry little sis can’t control her she is wild .”Ameliaraises her eyebrows and looks at him then Amaris .” Yes she’s a crazy wild animal.” “ Oh shush.” “You can’t tell me what to do it’s my birthday now how about you give your sister a hug.” “ Fine.” Alex gets in her bed and hugs her . “ Happy birthday Mia.” “ Thanks Alex love you.” “ Love you to.”"So should we let Amaris go wake up mom and dad or let them sleep.""Let them sleep but sadly for you im not letting you your going to go out and do something for your birthday.""Why let me sleep.""No go take a walk in the woods.""ugh ok.""Well then go.""Can I change first.""oh um bye want me to take Amaris.""No she's fine.""Ok bye.""Bye."Alex walks out of the room and Amelia changes into a pink tank top and black leggings then climes out her window and walks into the woods.She sees a path shes never seen before and starts walking down it.At the end of the path she sees a man about 18 19 ish sitting on a rock infront of a lake."Um hello who are you."The man turns around and Amelia jumps back.The mans eyes are blood red.Vampire."Your a vampire."The man smirks and starts walking towards her never losing eye contact."Got that right now who might you be.""A-Amelia M-Mill."The vampire moves up his hand and touches her cheek.She screams and starts running not from where she came but to her left."No stop wait."Not listening she keeps running until shes no longer running shes falling.

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