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The story of a girl and her struggles in life as she tries to find hope. Some chapters have not been edited yet.

Fiction adolescente Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.
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Chapter 1:This world

I moved from Vermont when I was nine I first did online school didn’t like it Mede me feel sick later I joined a new school and I was only there for a week until we all went vertual because the school did something then I did online then back to school it was I didn’t fit in now in 10th grade I still don’t these people have know each other for years and I don’t fit in the last time I went through an hour at school and didn’t feel like screaming crying and just curling up in a ball on the florr was years ago and I can’t take it anymore I want to fell like I have real friends every second I’m questioning if I have real friends or if they just pity me or it’s some kind of sick joke some times I wish I just wish that everyone would forget I existed and then I could just start a new life with no one

when I was little I dreamed of being special finding true love true friends no wait I didn’t question if my friends were real friends or if that’s even a real thing now that’s a good percentage of what consumes my mind and I just wish I could go back to that thinking and the pure joy that I felt but I can’t and that makes me even sadder

i am not very cloes with my siblings any of them I don’t think I ever was all my siblings hate me or Atleest that’s what I think my brother let’s me know saying I’m the worst sister in the world that I should die that I shouldn’t even exist and I don’t even react anymore because I’m so used to it

no one should be used to that yet I am and so many other people are to

what is wrong with this world that that’s what we do and think I can garrenty that 99% of the people you and me both walk by every day is thinking this way asking are they my real friends should I exist or I shouldn’t exist do they hate me that one persent to people that we see every day that doesn’t think that are baby’s or maby they are we don’t know we can’t tell you you can’t tell others

our world has so many messed up people that are messed up because of these things why do some people think it’s cool to say these things I don’t know probably because it’s been said to them all their life so now they think that’s how people should talk to each other

what is this world cause at this point I don’t know I don’t think I ever will or ever have all I know is

i shoudent exist

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