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When a girls dreams are crushed and her father marries her off to a man that can only feel hate,annoyence,and as though anyone not in his family is bellow him.Will she find happiness again?Will she learn to live and love with the man?Will the mans true colors show after marriage? Warning there will be some sexist,homophobic,transphobia stuff but nothing serious and there will be warnings at the top of chapters when things like that are in chapters.(I do not think anything like that is ok just saying.)

Romance Romance jeune adulte Tout public. © I own this story and if you see it anywhere other than this account or my account on Inkitt then please know that I created this story in 2022.
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Chapter1:Meet Criss

----------Amelia's Pov--------------

"Amelia hurry up were going to be late.""Coming Alex."I rushed downstairs. Stopping infront of the hall mirror to make sure I look ok. Me and my family is going out to have dinner with one of my dads coworkers. You never want to look bad when you go to see one of dads coworkers."Ok im ready which coworker is it this time.""The guy that has the daughter shes your age.""Lexi.""Yep thats the one.""Whyyy I hate him he always criticizes me about the way I look and you for well you know."" Becuase im gay.""Yeah.""Just try and get along with him ok.""Fine ugh this is going to be a nightmare.""Alright kiddos lets go.""Wait what about Mia.""Shes at a friends house now we should leave we can't be late we have um matters to discuss.""ok."Last time I heard him say that we have matters to discuss he told us that Alex couldn't tell anyone about his secret so sometimes must be very wrong.

--------------45 minutes later at the restaurant---------

"Max.""Leo nice to see you again.""Same to you.""Oh good evening you two I didn't know you would be here Alex."Oh my god shut up of course he's here and he does know I have eyes right and that I can see him looking at me in discussed right."Good evening sir.""Same to you Alex.""Good evening sir."I tried to say as sassily as I could."Same to you Amelia.""Well lets get a table,""Me and my son have already gotten one follow me.""Wait son I though Lexi was your only kid.""Oh no I have two twin boys.""Oh why have I never met him before.""He is very busy but he was free and wanted to meet you all.""Oh ok I guess." Everything's find right...right."Ok well lets go then."

-----------------------------At Table------------------------

"Wheres your son.""Probably in the bathroom."Its ok just zone off and wait until its over which is what I did until.

-------------------------5 Minutes later--------------------

"Amelia meet Criss my son your um.""Your fiancé."WHAT."MY WHAT."

-------------------------End of chapter 1------------------

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