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{A short story.}

Playing games is fun. Playing chess is even more fun. And I, Lucifer, love playing chess. But only when I win.

Pawn to G7. Pawn to B6. Rook to J7. Knight to S8. None of this makes sense to you? Good. Made you look. Checkmate.

The Game is mine. Your minds are easy to mold. You think you are so strong, so smart? Humans are the most divided creatures ever. I feast on your flesh. I watch as you kill your own children and I lie to you, making you lie to yourself. You let yourselves be tricked by the memory and vision of an old Nazi woman. I make wars that make you question your beliefs. I talk people into killing the world leaders. Made you look. Another Checkmate.

Game. Set. Match.

You are my prey. Worthless ,little mice that think that you own the world. Wait. Sorry, look at this. This true religion has all these hidden sins. And look at this! A celebrity cheated on their S.O. Watch the news. How sad. Oh! Social Media. Look at that person, you’ll never look like them, so perfect. Checkmate. You lost again. How dumb you humans are. When will you learn?

Yes. Rage at me. Because guess what? CHECK. MATE. I win. You’re too focused on each other. Not even blaming me? I’m prideful and I’m so happy that I’m winning.

I have you kill.

I have you kill some more under the guise of not killing.

I have you lie.

I have you fight.

I have you run.

I curse you.

I curse you with sickness.

I curse you with trauma.

I curse you with mental health issues.

I will not let you win.


You are losers. You think you are winners. No, I, Satan, win. Only one has ever beaten me and most of you put down His believers and don’t believe in him. I WIN! I will destroy you. And then I will watch you suffer here in the pits of Hell.

Look at that! A T.V. show about me! Oooo, more! Oh, no. Another war. WHAT? Why would you move there? Why are you praying? Why are they there? No. Wait. Wait. Look at this. Yes. Come on. Come look at this. Fall. YES. Double Checkmate! You almost had me though. And I will make sure that everyone knows that you are a horrible person. I will find a way to beat you down.


New religion.

Old religions.

Come on. Move there. Yes. Wait, no. New tricks from you? Fine.


More racism.

More death.

More gods.

Don’t like the gods? Fine. Here you go. Money is a new god. No? Oh. Yourselves then. You are gods. Oldest trick in the book. Truly. I’ve been using it for millenniums and, you fools, refuse to admit it all the time. It’s a timeworn tradition. Humans.





Look at them. You should sleep with them.

Look at all that food. Eat it. Or waste it. I don’t mind.

See that. You should get it. You should get all of that. You need it.

But you don’t need to work for it. Just be a couch potato.

Get mad at me. Get mad at everything. Yes. Including yourself.

Look at what they have. Look what you don’t have but want.

But you’re you. Be proud of that. Be proud of yourself. Be too proud of yourself. Good job.


Let’s try again. No? What do you mean “no”? Ah. I see. You’re ignoring me. So, you quit? Are you going to turn to the God that abandons you? Checkmate.


Tried that.

Same match.


I win.


Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

What? No! Stop it! Praying and asking for help is not something you are supposed to do. And look at that! You’re doubting Him before He can complete the plan, thanks to my demons and what I know you want.

Checkmate. Maybe next time you’ll win.

I’m adding more to the pot for a bigger semi-final game. I will win. The world will burn.

See you, when I Checkmate you again.

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Annalésa Dorés I'm just an author who decided to share the stories she cooks up with the world. Please understand that Annalesà is just a pen name as well. Hope you enjoy my stories!

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