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The parents of Rachel and Jess pass away suddenly with no explanation. They both get adopted by their neighbours and the police start an investigation with no evidence to begin with. Rachel acts suspiciously to the police and she was the last to see them alive which makes her a main suspect. Rachel however remembers nothing of what happened but has nightmares of the night her parents died and of the other incidents.

Thriller/Mystère Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#death #gay #murder #loss #bisexual #lgbt #girlxgirl #vitiligo #gxg #adoption #grief #agender #firedemon #oc-characters #parentsdeath #lesbianparents #attemptedmurders #orginialstory
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The mark

I just came home from school and my sister was in the corner, crying and they were shaking with terror. I saw they were pointing in the middle of the living room and I didn’t want to look but I prayed that it was nothing. Our parents were laying on the floor, dead and unconscious. They had this strange symbol on their chest that was unrecognisable. I couldn’t hold back my tears: I fell to the ground : my tears unleashing themselves as my knees hit the floor.

“Mother, father!” I screamed not wanting the two nicest people in my life to be dead.

I so wished to wake up in my bed, safe and warm, all this just being a bad dream. I had this cold feeling surrounding me,willing me to bed, to just sleep this away but that wasn’t possible. It broke me that I lost them and could no longer have the same safe feeling I had. I heard someone kept on screaming and I thought it was Rachel but it was in fact me, screaming until my lungs wouldn’t allow it anymore. We had two female neighbours to the left of us.

They were together and I didn’t notice that they came over until one of them held me in their arms. She took me over to my sister and took us upstairs so we didn’t have to see it anymore. We were both in tears but the person held us tightly while taking us to our room. I didn’t realise she set us on the bed until I felt the soft mattress. She left us for a few seconds to get a blanket for me and one for Rachel to calm our shock before coming back to hold us again.

She didn’t say a word to us or ask questions but they were the sweetest neighbours you could ask for. Once we both calmed she began to talk to us about what was going on from here.

“So well you met us before my name is Amy and my partner's name is Lily, she is currently calling the police right now, do you have any other family members you can go to?” she questioned.

“No we don't, most of them have passed away and some won't want us, our parents were one of the last of our relatives,” Rachel spoke.

“Ok don’t worry my loves, we will figure something out for you, until then come over to ours, you both need a good night's rest and the police will likely come over when it is the morning, we have a guest room with a double bed, I think you will need each other tonight,” she looked at us both in worry like we would fall apart any second now.

She got us out of our room and when we walked down the stairs, I saw our parents were covered with a thick cloth so we didn’t have to see anymore and I’m glad but the image of their dead emotionless bodies was still burned into my mind like it was unforgettable. I felt tears slip but they disappeared just as quickly. We got taken over the road to our neighbours house, I wasn’t sure what had happened since I always come back later than Rachel, I know Rachel wouldn’t speak up right away since I’m sure they were in a lot of shock.

I would ask them tomorrow when the shock wore off a little bit. I was so stuck in my mind that I didn’t realise that we arrived at the house or that they said night as soon as we were in the guest room. I only noticed when it was quiet all of a sudden and I didn’t hear the hushed whispers of the couple as they tried to decide what to do with us. Like I said they were the nicest neighbours ever to us and I’m sure they would do whatever they could to prevent us from going to the orphanage.

We both got changed in our PJ’s and didn’t exchange a single word. I wanted to say something but I wasn’t sure what to say or how to even start a conversation in a time like this. It isn’t like we can pretend this is any normal day and we are at the neighbours for a sleepover which I so badly wanted it to be true. I wished what I saw was a nightmare and didn’t want my parents to be gone. We were only young, me being 15 years old and my sister is only 12 years old.

I’m just thankful that whatever killed my parents didn’t hurt my sister because she means so much to me as well. I sat down on the mattress and my sister did the same. They cuddled up to me like they always do. I heard their sobs as soon as they lay their head on my chest and I held them close.

“Do you know what happened to them, or were they like that when you came back?” I questioned, not able to hold it back.

“No they were perfectly fine, the last thing I remember was that I just got back from my study group and my mum asked were you where, I told her that you got a shift at your job last minute and wouldn’t come back in half an hour, she was saying how proud she was of us for working so hard and appreciated that you did since they got something with onions by accident, didn’t read on the package, our dad came in and gave my mother a kiss, everything was ok but then I felt strange all of a sudden, overheating and sweating, our mum asked if I was ok and that is the last thing I remember, next thing I know I black out and the minute I wake up they are dead on the floor, I didn’t see anything,” they cried in my arms harder and I just held them close not sure what to make out of it all.

They were ok before they died but then my sister felt sick and while they were passed out something happened which killed them and left a strange mark. I’m not sure what the police will make of this but there isn’t much information or proof to gather. Hopefully they are able to find something and the person gets in trouble. I don’t want my parents death to just be another unsolved case. We both decided to sleep as soon as Rachel calmed. It wasn’t easy but hearing my sister's soft breathing helped me fall into a peaceful sleep.

Time skip till morning

I woke up and saw Rachel was still sleeping. I got out of bed since I needed to use the bathroom, so I climbed out of the bed. I tried to be as careful as I could so I didn’t wake them up and treaded softly so my footsteps weren’t too loud. We had our own personal bathroom so I wasn’t that far away from there, I guess Amy thought about that. I brushed my teeth as well but had to rush out quickly because I heard my sister crying. It wasn’t too loud but enough for me to be able to hear. I rushed to them and held them in my arms once again like I did last night.

"I can't believe they're really gone," Rachel spoke.

I looked at them, seeing tears streaked across their face. Honestly I couldn’t either but I had to keep myself together for my sister. If I was wreck they would be too, I had to be the responsible one.

"I know love but we'll find out what happened and why," I promised.

"How?" they asked.

"I don't know but as soon as the police come over maybe we get some answers then,” I assured them.

"Ok," they replied.

I pulled them into a hug and held them tightly as they sobbed at the loss they were feeling.

"Don't worry little sis, what happened to them will be found out I promise," I spoke to them softly, hoping that my promise to them wasn’t a lie but I couldn’t tell them that for now I give them at least a bit of hope even if it isn’t real. I need hope too right now because if I tell myself the police can’t do anything I will break down too.

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