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Gina is a young woman who falls in love with a wealthy man of the south. They set out on an adventure shortly after marriage to find their dream home in the secluded rural mountains of Pennsylvania. This is where her life changes forever. Gina starts journaling to pass the time while Paul is away for business. Something unusual happens in 1934 that she wasn't prepared for.

Drame Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#thriller #drama #romantic
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Young Lovers

It was the year 1907 in the roaring hills of Pennsylvania's countryside. On a warm summers day seven year old Gina laid under the warm sun. She watched the clouds float by endlessly. In the distant she could hear the chickens plucking and her brothers laughing. She was eager to find out what was so funny. She ran over to the barn and found her oldest brother covered in mud. 'The boys have been playing their silly games again ' she thought.

She heard her mother yell " Gina! Boys! Super is ready!" The smell of her freshly baked bread could be smelled miles away. As the children entered the home mother told the children to wash their hands. They all gathered around the wash basin to wash up. Father was already sitting at the table waiting for his children. Mother hurried the children along. Finally it was time to eat however father began each meal with prayer. James started "Lord God, Heavenly Father, bless us and these Thy gifts which we receive from Thy bountiful goodness, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen." The family then began to eat mother's delicious meal. Later that evening as Gina laid in bed a when a blonde hair, blue eyed baby cherub appeared to her. "This must be my future baby!" She had thought . She then drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

Every Sunday was church services. As Gina grew older she started to have a interest in signing. She joined the choir. Her voice sounded so heavenly when she sang. She was the only 17 year old girl in the choir.
One spring Sunday morning as Gina was singing she noticed a young man and his family walk through the church doors. She never seen them before so she figured they must be new to the community. After church they all gathered for a community lunch. Gina's mother contributed to the church event by bringing her famous apple pie.

Gina helped serve all the church goers, thinking nothing more about the young man until it was his family's turn to be severed. A woman with a big fancy hat came over to her table and introduced herself as Mrs. Victoria Callaway. This is my son Paul Callaway. They had a strange way of speaking she thought. She never heard anyone like this before. "I'm Mary and this is my daughter Gina. It's a pleasure to meet you. Where are you from if I may ask?" Victoria cautiously said "We are from Virginia. My husband's company had made some investments here in Pennsylvania so we got the pleasure of moving here in this lovely town." The women continued talking for some time. While Paul had started small talk with Gina.. " So Miss Gina what do you like to do for fun" , he asked? Gina explained. "I love singing in the choir. Paul said he noticed how heavenly her voice sounded. Not only did he notice this but he also noticed her beautiful brown hair , beautiful blue eyes , lips and her very feminine figure. Paul's Mother called for him to hurry along they need to get home now.

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This novel looks very promising.
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