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Autumn Chantel arrived home from finishing school and found out that her own father has made plans without her knowing.

Romance Romance jeune adulte Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.
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Home Sweet Home..

Journey to home was long but worth it I love the scenery. My favorite spot is the water fall the beauty always catches everyone attention when come to visit. Father placed our home next to it because my mother fault the same way as I did. Before I was born they would go out there to have a picnic and enjoy the nature around them. After I was born dad was too busy and lost interest of everything that brought them here in the first place. His goal was to send me off to finishing school for a few years and then marry me off to next wealthy bachelor's.

Oh look there is Nelly she still the same old Nelly oh how I missed her, and I hope she feels the same way as I do. I have so much to tell her and I know she does too. Gilbert reached out his hand to help me out of the carriage, and the other's were busy grabbing all my bags. I kept on looking down the line to see if my parents were standing there. Only my mother I guess father was too busy what's new he always too busy for his own daughter. I rather have mom and Nelly then my grumpy father anyway.

I go upstairs to my room to refresh myself before joining them for dinner. I can hear father plans right now Autumn you and your mother is going into town tomorrow. You will be fitted for dresses and if you need any accessories please do so. Why can't we be normal family for once.

Knock on the door and voice comes after miss dinner ready. That was Gilbert he been around for a long time. He is my father top guy and Nelly's father, so Nelly is the first to know if something is wrong in the house and then she notified me so I stay clear from it.

I slowly walk down the hall to the stair case. As I take a deep breath before going down. Okay Autumn you Can do this he only human and you were taught to listen and obey. Do everything right and things will go smoothly and pretty soon you will be free.

Father: Autumn you and your mother is going into town tomorrow. You will be fitted for dresses and if you need any accessories please do so.

Autumn: Yes father...

I finally finished all my food and sat there waiting for father to finish before we are dismissed from the table. It's polite to wait for those who are not done. Mother and I always find ways to pass the time when it comes to dinner with father. She would start and I will follow every direction she throws at me without father knowing. Soon he starts to figure out what is going on Mother would notified me fast with two blinks.

One thing about Mother she was never afraid of father and matter fact she always started conversations with me during dinner. She loved hearing about my day and sometimes I think she does it to piss him off because he likes silence.

I looked down at my father plate and ut was completely empty and finally we are free to leave the table. I sat there in silence waiting for the one word you are "DISMISSED" have a nice night.

Father: That was a nice dinner we have had and now I don't want to keep you girl's cooped up in here because tomorrow you girl's going to be busy so I'm going to let you girl's go and do what you have to do to prepare yourself for it and oh yes more thing Autumn I am so glad to see you home and I am very sorry for missing your welcoming I will make it up to you.

The last time he said he'll make it up to me was back when I was 5 years old. Now I am 18 and I probably get roses or an animal of my choice. All I want is for him to let me choose my future. The dances sound like fun and if I found myself interested with someone then that was up to me

I finally made it to my bedroom and Nelly was unpacking my bag's so I decided to help her, because I was the one who packed them up in the first place. During the unpacking Nelly and I talked for hours about everything and anything.

Autumn: Nelly what is my father so fascinated with me getting married?

Nelly: my father overheard your father talking to a stranger about his financial issues and the stranger said the best way to approve your financial issues is to marry your daughter off to a duke or some wealthy bachelor then your money issues will go away.

Autumn: if we are having money issues then why is he send us to the stores to buy dresses and all those fancy accessories when we don't even have the money to spend?

Nelly: He wants you two look amazing during these events.

Autumn: Nelly tomorrow please come with mother and me to the stores and help me find the most beautiful but inexpensive fabric and accessories.

Nelly: I would love to, but I have nothing to wear.

Good thing Nelly is near my age she would look amazing in this dress and these flats

Autumn: Don't worry I got that covered. Now go and relax for the rest of the night I will see you tomorrow Nelly.

I wait for a second for Nelly to leave to take a bath so I can enter her room with the dress, shoes , and gift. I lay the dress and shoes down on her bed without hesitate and I placed my gift on her bed hopefully she loves them as I do. I carefully open the door to leave when mother caught me.

Mother: Autumn darling what were you doing in Nelly's room?

Autumn: mother I asked Nelly to come with us and she didn't have anything to wear so I let her have that beautiful dress and shoes. Believe one dress is not going to hurt me if someone else who I love dearly needs it more then I do.

Mother: that's why I love the young woman you have become.

Autumn: I wish we could do more then that dress and shoes mother. Nelly been a huge part of my life and I want to show her how I appreciate everything she has done for me.

Mother: I have an idea let me take care of everything.

Autumn: Mother please tell me!

Mother: you will see. Now go to bed because we have a huge day tomorrow.

Mother gives me a kiss on my forehead and heads down the hallway to her room. I enter my bedroom and got ready for bed usually Nelly helps me but I gave her the night off for her beauty sleep that we are going to need. Before blowing out the light I make a small entrance in my diary.

Dear Diary, June 20, 1813

Journey was long and tiring all wanted to do is stretch my legs so I asked Jeffrey to stop in town because I wanted to see what they have there. I enter this one store that has perfume as I slowly sniffed each one I noticed going back to a certain perfume that caught my attention and all I can think of is Nelly would love this one.

So I bought her that perfume and head back to carriage so we can carry on with the journey. We finally made and guess everyone, but father greet with welcomes.

Father is planning my future so now I have to prepare for it and I don't have a say about.


I place my diary in my secret spot and blow out the light.

I slowly rolled out of bed and head to my closet where all my beautiful dress are I spent hours looking at each dress finally picking the right one. Nelly finally comes walking in wearing the dressing I gave her she looks amazing she hurried up did my hair and hers. As we head down stairs Nelly started getting nervous so I grabbed her hand trying to come her down.

Autumn: Nelly, I am here with you and I will not let anything happen to you I promise that.

Nelly nodes her head with a smile and

started walking down the stairs as we got closer mother is standing there waiting for us. She looked amazing and I was lucky to have her in my life.

Mother: Is everything okay?

Autumn: Everything is fine..

As the journey to the tailors shops mother pulled a huge list of things we needed for the balls.

Mother: okay girls so the theme is "Spring" the colors are blue, pink, purple, yellow, and green.

I nod my head that she was going through the list. I know my father has given her strict orders and knowing mother she'll change it.

Autumn: How far are we from the town?

Mother: Five minutes away...

Autumn: Is there place where I can pick up a sewing machine and stuff to make my own dresses instead of having someone else doing it for us it will be a little bit cheaper and I know how to sew,so make my dresses wouldn't be that hard.

Mother: Jeffrey!

Jeffrey: Yes ma'am?

Mother: There's a little shop on the way into town can we take a stop there for a few minutes and you can stretch your legs well we're in there.

Jeffrey: No problem ma'am.

We pulled up to this little cute shop that had everything I wanted even the thread of the colors I have thought about in my head while Mother was going through the list of everything that we needed for this balls. Everything was cheap even the five mannequins for my dresses good thing we brought the big Carriage that can carry a lot of stuff.

Jeffrey and the store helper loaded everything into the carriage as we were saying goodbye to the nice sweet lady. Jeffrey hold his hand out but the door open and he helped us into the carriage, and off we went to the town.

As we pulled in we saw a swarms of girls fleeing around the shops. Every color they picked out wasn't even the colors I have in mind for that I am grateful.

Autumn: Oh boy! So it looks like we have a problem all three shops are out fabric and next town is 20 minutes away.

I laid my head down on my arm feeling a little frustrated, because we came this way for nothing in I have only three months before anything starts and I have a lot to do on top of that.

Mother was looking around at the other businesses when she spotted a tailor shop off in the distance where nobody noticed it.

Mother: Jeffrey see that shop right there move closer to it I have a feeling this is the place.

I left my head up just enough to see the shop and right in the window was my pink and it was beautiful. I couldn't wait to see what was in the store hopefully everything I have imagined in my head would be spectacular.

As we approached the shop I Can Only Imagine holding that fabric in my arms for the first time. As we enter the door as sweet lady runs up to us and greets us with a hug.

Maggie: Welcome to "Maggie's"..

I was shocked because I never had someone greet us that way. A matter of fact I actually liked it it made me feel like I was right at home.

Maggie: Okay! So let me introduce myself I am Maggie and this is my shop make yourself a home.

Mother: My name is Mary Chantel and this is my daughter Autumn and her best friend Nelly who I claim as my other daughter and we are here to buy the most beautiful fabrics.

Nelly's mouth dropped to the ground as mother was introducing us to Maggie. I just stood there smiling and try and hard not to laugh at Nelly reactions.

Nelly: Autumn ummm there must be a mistake here.

Autumn: Nelly as long as I'm still around you are considered as family and family gets what family wants and I want you to enjoy this day and to grab the most beautiful fabric you ever seen and we will make you the most beautiful dresses.

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me the biggest hug that I could ever imagine. The smile on her face was enough to melt my heart because this girl has been my best friend since the day I was born and matter of fact we grew up together.

We grabbed everything we wanted and head out. Mother was pleased with the prices and decided to make this our tailor. As Jeffery was putting things into the carriage we wander around to see what else was in town.

A lot of girls are busy with the jewelry stores while others are still trying to get in for their dress fitting. For me I am fond on other things that would work with what I have in mind at this point of time.

I guess it's time to head back home.

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