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In the quest for control of Zidon, nobles, warriors and wizards fight to obtain the four relics of the dragon and thus rule sovereign over all lands. However, a young pirate and a Nassarze Hunter have the arduous mission of finding and destroying each of the relics, and thus preventing all the nations of Zidon from succumbing to tyranny, and all without falling into the temptation of dark power.

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Hi, my name is Davi. I'm sorry if my English is wrong, it's just that I'm still learning your language. I hope you enjoy the story. Let's get start!

Kerenir wiped the blood from the arrowhead.

That morning, on the eve of what would be the most terrible winter in the lands of Aleminia, the landscape was shrouded in a thick fog.

From atop a black horse, Zila, a girl with skin so white that she seemed to have not a drop of blood on her, admired her brother who had just killed a wild boar.

– One day I hope to be as strong as you. - said the young woman.

Kerenir, a well-dressed man of noble lineage, looked at her and smiled with a certain contempt.

The man didn't seem to care, in fact, he was afraid to show any kind of affection, because his father had taught him that someone in his position could not show the slightest weakness.

As much as I wanted to, but the two of them were not alone, next to them was a caravan of soldiers and servants who were distributed along the winding path that cut through the oak forest of Zidra. This forest, which surrounded the entire famous red rose plain of the Aleminian Province.

A little ahead was a strong man, his face was full of scars. He was mounted on an imposing brown horse, he held a bow and arrow. He was the famous General Durlan, Kerenir's right-hand man.

– Empire! There are more of them here! - said the General.

On that particular day, Emperor Kerenir's twenty-ninth birthday. He decided that he would hunt wild boars and other wild beasts in the region, for after several days of intense planning and a handful of bureaucratic matters, there was nothing more relaxing for the Emperor than a good hunt and some beautiful, uncriminated bloodshed.

The Emperor mounted a large white horse and rode off toward the General, wielding his bow and saying:

– Come on, men! Today is a day for fun!

About twelve soldiers and his younger sister accompanied him. They followed General Durlan, who left at the head of the entourage, heading for the plains of Aleminia.

Kerenir had a fierce look in his eyes, all he could think about was the next poor soul he would mow down, however, something caught his eye, but not exactly a wild boar, a deer, or any other animal.

A little far away, right in the middle of the red plain of Aleminia, a thin figure appeared, like a small black dot on the horizon, it came gaining ground towards them, covered in a black cloak with a hood that hid its face, the mystery was its face.

The young Emperor could already imagine what was coming, but he didn't show any concern. On the other hand, the soldiers on standby pointed their arrows in the direction of the person.

Still, she seemed undeterred, and came closer and closer. The men stretched their bows and were ready to shoot, all that was needed was an order from the Emperor. At that instant, Kerenir raised his voice:

– Put down your weapons, he is one of our allies.

As the Emperor closed his mouth, the mysterious person reduced his ride, until he stopped a few meters in front of Kerenir and his men.

It was a woman, she raised one hand to her head and gently removed the hood, revealing her thin, white face, like snow, her eyes were bluer than the sky, slightly covered by her blond hair. She was a young woman of enviable beauty and an unknown past.

As soon as she got off her horse, she already bowed her head toward the Emperor and said:

– Hail Empire!

– Why do you have the audacity to hinder my hunt, Freia?

The young woman, her voice serene and confident, replied slowly. - I beg your pardon, My Lord. But I bring news from Samarte.

Samarte, a small independent state to the east, always posed problems for the Empire, its separatist ideas were poison for the Imperial expansion pretensions. Samarte was also a politically and strategically important region of Zidon.

Any subject related to that land was of total interest to Kerenir, who questioned the young woman as soon as he heard the name of that region.

– Let's go! Speak up. What do you have for me?

Freia, calmly, answered her lord. - Your Majesty! A group of rebel mages... They are planning an attack on the Empire!

Her revelation already generated a small murmur among the soldiers. Meanwhile, Kerenir remained inexpressive and with a cold, bloodthirsty gaze.

– Quiet! - said the Emperor as he got off his horse and walked towards the young woman. Face to face, he questioned her:

– Tell me more details about this. Who are these magicians and when do they want to do this?

Freia took a short breath and looked away from the Emperor's cold gaze, but that was her way, the young woman never looked anyone directly in the eye. In this way, she spoke slowly and clearly:

– During the day of Drain, Empire... There are half a dozen renegade mages, and they plan to attack during the day of Drain.

– So they want to attack during the most important holiday of the Empire. - Kerenir said to himself.

At that moment a cold breeze blew, and the first snow flakes began to fall. Along with the bad news, winter had also just arrived.

Kerenir stared at the young woman's slender figure. At this very moment, he was already beginning to think of a way to thwart the rebels' plan. With a serious and cold face, there was no doubt that he already had a complete idea of how to act.

The Emperor turned away from Freia, climbed onto his horse, and rode close to Zila. At that moment he looked at his sister and nodded, and the two of them began to ride out of the oak forest of Zidra, until they reached the field of red roses in the valley of Alemina.

The brothers were already a few meters away from Freia, the General and the rest of the entourage, who were beginning to follow them, but before they could continue their journey, Kerenir raised his voice again:

– General?

– Yes, Your Majesty?

– Take Drill, Forgos and Dramus go to Collin, prepare the emissaries, and conduct a secret mission to Samarte... I and the rest of the soldiers will return to the castle.

At that instant, Durlan held out his right hand with a clenched fist and proudly saluted his Emperor.

– Hail Empire!

Durlan and some soldiers turn around and head for Zidra's forests again.

So they went their separate ways. Minutes later, when they were already well into the middle of the valley, Kerenir called two more solados, and gave them another order:

– And before I forget, arrest this traitor!

At that moment, the Emperor was pointing in the direction of the young Freia, who was pulling the reins of her horse and stopping abruptly. Everyone was at a loss to understand.

– How did you find out? - With an incredulous look, she questioned.

The young woman started to breathe fast and looked everywhere, looking for a way to escape, but she was already surrounded by the soldiers.

– Zila? Do the honors, and explain to her. - said the Emperor.

The Emperor's sister, at that moment, felt very important in her brother's eyes. And in a pompous way she revealed:

– Did you really think you were our only spy in Samarte?

Freia, for the first time in her life, looked someone directly in the eye, while the Princess spoke:

– Yesterday, Joffrey, your dear cousin came to me and reported about your double agent work, and said even more... That you and the wizards planned the attacks as a distraction to lead my brother straight into an ambush.

The snow was starting to get stronger, and was already covering the flowery fields of the Aleminia valley. The icy wind was bringing not only a long winter, but especially bad days to the young spy's life.

At that very moment, the thieves grabbed Freia and threw her violently to the ground, the men putting chains and shackles on her hands and feet. Freia, panting and roaring like an animal, looked angrily at Zila and her brother.

– And from his reaction, what he said is true, then. - Princess Zila added.

So the men carried Freia chained to one of the horses. Then they all went south, riding through the rose fields, which were beginning to turn white because of the snow. The entourage's steps quickened more and more.

With that, an hour after they left the Zidon forest, they arrived at the gates of a great wall, which extended for hundreds of meters, and on it was a gigantic iron gate.

From above the sentry boxes the men shouted:

– Open the gates! The Emperor's retinue has returned.

The great iron gate, beginning to crack, slowly rose, while on the other side, a hundred soldiers, servants and commoners awaited the Emperor.

In the background you could already see the imposing Imperial Castle, full of towers and windows, with platinum and silver details carved into the structure itself, as well as being surrounded by a fence of bars, made of gold

pure. Thousands of soldiers and mages surrounded the structure, inside and out, and patrolled every inch.

While the soldiers entered and dragged Freia to the prison. Kerenir and Zila, were left alone and standing at the gates of the wall. The Emperor looked at his sister and said:

– Very good... You did well to find that out. But are you really prepared for what's coming?

Zila looked confidently at her brother:

– Yes, Your Majesty!

Then, with his typical serious countenance, Kerenir said:

– So go! Prepare yourself for the mission. You will infiltrate with the magicians and rebels... Be careful that no one recognizes you, you are the only person I trust in this Empire.

Zila shook her head affirmatively, feeling recognized and proud of herself, for her brother had assigned her a great mission, her first great mission.

So, bathed in the blizzard that was beginning to get stronger, the young princess set off for the castle, where she would begin preparations for her great task.

Meanwhile, Kerenir was beginning to be surrounded by ministers and other sycophants.

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Shawnice Pate Shawnice Pate
Ah, a writer who explains. When the story kicks in it is so unexpected. I like your style. I am feeling the detail. Not too small. Not too big. The traitor part lets me know this is serious. You did good.
May 26, 2024, 12:27
Faith Johnson Faith Johnson
Your English is very good! Keep writing! You're going to do great!
September 18, 2023, 20:32
Carolina Marin Carolina Marin
You write good. Don’t worry, my English is not perfect either.
September 16, 2023, 00:47

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