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Childhood friendships are pretty hasty, am I right? This is Paige, and my best friend Killua and I got separated when we were 5 by his older brother, illumi. Can you imagine how sad that is? Just wait till you read about the story of Killua and I!

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A x New x Horizon

A young 5 year old girl with brown hair, green eyes, bandages, and scratches is running away in the forest from an adult man, with her friend Todoroki. They both are test subjects for a mysterious power, but Todoroki doesnt have the potential to weald the power. So, they chose Paige, the young girl. Todoroki grabbed Paiges hand and says "Hold on tight!" He grabs Paige and pulls himself and her into a steep hill. They both slide down the hill. Paige screams. Todoroki hits flat ground and he stands up and lets go of Paige. He talks to Paige with exitement. "Hey Paige, I found a trail! We can finally leave these sickos.. and live norm-" Suddenly, the man who was chasing Todoroki and Paige cuts Todoroki off and grabs his wrist and pulls him away into the bushes. Paiges eyes widen in fear, "Todo?! Todoroki!" Paige yells for Todoroki. Tears well up in her eyes. She squeezes them shut then continues running for her life. After plently of miles running, Paige saw that her favorite teddy bear is gone. Her eyes widen. "No no no! Fuzzy!" She stops in her tracks and she starts freaking out. Then Paige looks behind herself. She hears rustling in the bushes. She sees the man holding a tranquilizer gun and slowly walking up to her. Right as he was going to shoot, a hand grabbed her ankle and forced her into the bushes. The hand covers her mouth firmly, and Paige looks to her left to see a pale skinned, white haired, blue eyed, boy arround her age trying to keep her quiet. Paige squirms a little. "H-Hey! Stop it would ya?! Im trying to help you..!" The mysterious boy whispers to her. The words 'help' and 'you' ring in Paiges head. Her eyes widen as light blush creeps through her cheeks. Paige stops squirming and she stares at Killua with sparkles dancing in her green eyes. The man with the traquilizer gun then gives up and walks away. Killua sighs, and he removes his hand from Paiges mouth and looks back at Paige, and his eyes widen a little seeing her staring at him. "You idiot, stop being cheesy.." He says and then flicks Paiges forehead. Paige winces and whines. Killua blushes a tiny bit and he grabs onto Fuzzy, Paiges lost teddy bear. "H-Here..This is yours right..?" Paiges eyes widen, and tears well up in her eyes. "Thank you albino boy for saving Fuzzy! Your the best." Killua then suddenly feels a happy fuzzy feeling in his stomach when Paige said 'your the best'. He scoffs then looks away from Paige and he grabs her arm and he pulls her toward the Zoldyck testing gate. Killua needs to hurry because he doesnt want his parents to find out that he left home.

Killua and Paige arrive at the gate, and they are hiding in thick layered bushes. Killua sighs in defeat, and Paige looks at him. "Whats wrong?" Killua shakes his head, "How will you be able to go through the gate without the old man seeing you?!" Killua whispers in frustration while he looks at Paige. An idea pops in Paiges mind. "Hah, I got an idea!" She closes her eyes and she talks to a certain someone called Shinko, Then as soon as Paige opens her eyes, Her eyes are colored with purple. A purple aura surrounds her small body, and that aura goes back inside of her. Then she suddenly turns invisible. "Ok albino boy, lets go." When Paige spoke, her voice sounded different. Killuas eyes widen. "How the heck did you do that?!" He whispers in surprise. Paige shrugs her shoulders, "If you meant how did Paige do that, your highly mistaken. Im actually her sister, Shinko. Anyways, Its too long to tell you the full story." Killua is very confused.

Killua and Shinko walk casually into the testing gate. When the coast is clear, Shinko then dissapears and Paige comes back. She isnt invisible anymore. "We made it in albino boy!" Paige jumps up and down. Killua gets a large tick mark on his head knowing the fact that Paige calls him 'albino boy'.

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