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All characters in the book do not belong to me. They rightfully belong to Warner Brothers and The LEGO Company, only the story idea belongs to me. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman belong legally and rightfully to DC Comics and their film productions. The art cover is by me, do not claim it as your own. —————————————————————————- Emmett Brickowski was once a normal man with a normal job, a normal home and lived in a normal city. One day... it all changed. When he fell into a deep, rough hole and discovered a certain piece from an old prophecy. Now Emmett must save the world from a cruel lord with a ragtag team, can he do it, despite being “too normal”?

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Chapter One: Emmett Brickowski.

Emmett hummed a song through industrial Bricksburg, Emmett's home city. The city was crowded as it was a “regular society”, forced on by the sovereign, President Oswald Buisness. Emmett couldn't care less on the normal policy, as he was happy. The dry weather whirled through the industry as Emmett headed to his work, Bricksburg Building and Construction.

Everyone was similar, all doing the same things, drinking the same coffee and most having the same hair.

” Good morning everybody! “

No response, it seemed everybody ignored.

” Hello? “ Emmett called out again.

Everyone sighed and stared at him.

The truth was, nobody really liked Emmett, at all. He was majorly annoying towards them, due to his incoherent hapiness and constant singing. But mostly.. A Nobody.

” Oh okay. “ He muttured, looking away. He actually knew everybody disliked him, but he tried to be positive at most.

Quite a few hours later, as everyone was going to their homes and their families, Emmett was packing up at the back of the site near a large hole.

He felt a figure run past as he shot his sight at the hole, where a dark, shadowy figure stand on the edge with some hookey-pokey device.

“ Uhm, your not supposed to be he- “

He stopped as soon as the figure pulled their hood down..

She was beautiful.

“ Oh shoot! “

The woman ran off as soon as Emmett had seen her face.

“ WAIT!- “

Emmett tried to catch her but fell into the hole, which was deep.

He scraped his head on a rock as soon as he landed, causing him to draw blood.

Half-concious he was, he spotted a red, rectangle in some bionic-looking crystals. It seemed like it had a voice that spoke mystically. He had no clue if it was his mind going bonkers or it was reality. He stood up, and then touched it as his life flashed before his eyes, even his own future.

Then everything went pitch black.

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