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My phone rung, the sound of bells chiming in my threadbare pocket. I reached in to see that there was no name at the top of my screen. I answered, becoming increasingly nervous to who or what would be on the other side. I reached my thumb towards the bouncing green button.

'Come back to the now' was the reply from the gruff voice booming out from my speakers. Perplexed, yet intrigued, I hang up. I walked out of the room to the kitchen, only to hear the loud chimes of my phone again, ringing louder than before. My thumbs shaking, I answered.

'Wake up, please!' The same voice growling into the speaker I stammered some incomprehensible words and they hung up before I could ask any further. I called my phone support number and asked them is there was anything that I could do to prevent this. I was greeted with several minuites of static. As I was just about to hang up they said something quietly, unable to hear it I just sighed and put my phone down.

Later that day, walking my dog Buster through the overgrown park through the dim winter afternoon sun. I sat down on a bench in a gazebo nearby. Buster ran off and escaped from the loose knot tying him to the bench at my feet. I habitually ran after him into the surrounding woodland. As I returned into my seat at the gazebo there was a note on the chair.

'You need to stop this Harry' I panicked and ran back to my house. Scratched into my door it said 'WAKE UP' I bolted through it and ran into my bedroom, I opened the police's website on my laptop and all down every webpage it said. 'THIS ISNT WHO YOU ARE' I pinched myself, as you would if you were told you were dreaming.

Nothing happened.

I turned and saw that I was already back in the street. People stared at me, completely still in every direction.

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