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Emily shine a 17 years old girl loses her mother in a tragic accident and being left alone as an orphan. her older brother sends her to a new school and making her face reality on her own. she doesn't want to be there but little did she know it's a BDSM school... how will she take it? will she be able to let out the submissive side of her? WARNING contains depression, drugs, sexual activities, violence, bad language and act of force.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

#daddy #submissive #highschool #bdsm #punishment
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chapter 1

I opened my eyes, shifting a bit under the comfy blankets.

"Emily, come on love you have to wake up," I could hear my mom's gentle voice call from behind the door.

I groaned a bit, hiding my head under the pillow. I kept hearing her calling my name so after a couple minutes I finally got up, heading to my bathroom. I took a quick shower, brushed my teethes and wondered around in my thoughts. I had to call Jackson to make sure he remembers to bring me coffee on the way.

I called Jackson, throwing my phone on the bed, and putting it on speaker.

"Hey babe, are you ready? I'll be at yours in 10 minutes," his raspy voice sounded.

"Did you remember to…" I started to say but he cut me.

"Get you coffee? Yes of course, I could never forget, my little caffeine addict," I could hear him laugh a bit.

We talked a bit while I was dressing. I wore my favorite black ripped jeans and a cute blue crop top. I applied a bit of mascara to my leashes, adding a bit of volume to my eyes. I put some lip gloss and examined myself in the mirror.

"She said he was the one who cheated first," I said.

"Well, it doesn't really matter. Cheating is cheating, I would never trust any of them if I were in that situation," he said. He was right as always, making me sigh.

"I'm here love, you can come out," his sweet voice sounded again.

"Ok," I said starting to get my things and walking down the stairs, noticing my mom was already gone for work.

"I mean I know you are right, but I just don't understand how they got there, I mean if you love someone so much why would you ever want to be with anyone else?" I said opening the front door revealing a smiling Jackson, sitting in his big black truck.

We laughed hanging up the phone. I locked the house door and jumped into the passengers sit, Jackson handing me a big sized cup filled with hot coffee, making me sniff the tempting smell. The rest of the drive to school was fun, we sang to a few songs and soon we got to the big parking lot.

We walked over to the grass, sitting with our group of friends.

"Hey," I pouted as my drink was snatched from my hand.

"don't pout baby," Mike said, taking a sip of my delicious, not so hot now, coffee.

I whined a bit and he handed me the cup back, making me smile again.

"So, are you guys coming to the party tomorrow?" Bella asked, making us all nod in excitement.

It was supposed to be my first ever party, we talked about that party for weeks now, and I couldn’t wait to drink for the first time and experience new things.

We kept talking for a bit and when the bell rang, we each went to our classroom. Mike was walking with me to class and we both sat at the back talking about the movie we watched last time we were hanging out together.


The third period was about to start. me, Jackson, and Khloe were already waiting at our sits, gossiping about the new student arriving on Monday.

"Hello students, please open your books on page 125," Mr. Collin said, making me yawn uncontrollably.

As soon as I opened my book, a knock on the door sounded. The door opened revealing a blond girl at her thirties. She came close to Mr. Collin and whispered him something I couldn’t hear.

"Miss Shine, please accompany the lady, one of your friends will fill you in on the work you'll miss," I turned immediately to the sound of my name. his voice sounded a bit softer than before.

I got up, collecting my things, and exchanging confused looks with Jackson and Khloe. I walked out the door, following the blond girl to the secretary's room. I flinched as soon as the door open.

"Emily," his dark voice echoed in the room, leaving me with an open mouth and a fast heartbeat.

"A-Alex," I could feel my voice stuttering. "What are you doing here?"

"It's mom angel," his eyes went to the floor, and I could feel my heart race.

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