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You feel like home

Damian's mother always told him that being in love was the most similar feeling to being drunk. She told him those stories about her and her husband being young and madly in love, always feeling like touching the clouds, so high and happy and... Safe. It was the most important, in reality, how safe and complete they felt together.

So, with that being part of his childhood, Damian grew up believing in true love, as their parents. He believed in falling in love with a girl who will be there for him the rest of his life, as same as him.

However, he didn't have luck with relationships... It was just not his thing, and he was almost throwing the towel and focusing on his career for the rest of his life, until he found her.

Emma was a brunette girl with blue eyes and freckles, who came to the cafe where Damian worked. He didn't fall in love just at first sight... It wasn't like that.

He remembers what she orders- I cup of chocolate with caramel, with some oat cookies.

She sat in a corner, tipping in her laptop and drinking her chocolate in silence. She didn't look mysterious or anything... It was the way she mumbled the songs she was listening to with her airdrops that caught him.

Damian sang with her, after all, he loved the songs she was listening to, so he couldn't resist.

That routine was stable for the following weeks until the day the girl forgot her airdrops, and she looked nervous. She looked unfocused, easily distracted and so edged

Damian played some of her songs in the speakers, and she, surprised, found the boy. He waved at her, and she smiled.

"I like that song," she said.

"Yeah, I guessed you would love it- you want the same as always?" He asked, nervous about getting to talk more than four words with the girl.

She blushed but smiled. "Yes, please,"

So he did the same for two more months. He talked more, he smiled more. She did the same.

All of their small action ends up with but of them on a date. They didn't drink anything, they had an agreement that alcohol was their enemy. However, on a cold night in a dark December, they both fell on the snow, laughing and playing as if they were high.

"My mother always told me that being in love was like being drunk," he kissed her forehead.

"I feel drunk," she whispered. "I think your mother is right... You make me feel like this and I like it," she kissed him.

"I'm glad I found you, Emma," he confessed, which only made the girls cry with happiness.

"I love you," she also confessed, directly. "I love you so much, Damian.

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