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A young 15-year-old looking young girl Oracle by the name of Amanda has a neighbor by the name of Shanquella Robertson a 25-year-old that owns her own clothing store. Amanda is able to predict what will happen to her, as Amanda is also able to get Shanquella naked and is able to see her naked all the time as well. Amanda also getting Shanquella naked had wanted her to get use to her nudity, by letting her know that it is not only used for sexual purposed, but for freeness and liberation too. Shanquella even though she ends up naked by Amanda, she is also under Mind control by Amanda as Amanda is her handler.

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In the Bathroom and bedroom

There was Shanquella in the bathtub taking a bubble bath as she felt the relaxation of the bath. While in the bathtub, she then heard a knock on the door. "Who's there," said Shanquella, as she heard a voice that said, "hello Shanquella, it's Amanda can I come in?" as it was Amanda. "Oh, my goodness Amanda, didn't you have enough fun at my place of business embarrassing me, by getting me naked in my own clothing store, just go away," said Shanquella, "Shanquella, are you mad at me, because I got you, and saw you naked in your own store?" as Shanquella the said to her, "yes Amanda, you saw me naked that day, and yes you gave me back my clothes when two ladies costumers came in the store, then you snapped you fingers and got me naked again as the ladies laughed at me. You know how embarrassing that is?" said Shanquella, "yes I know Shanquella, and I'm sorry ok, and if you don't mind, I'm coming in this bathroom," said Amanda, as Shanquella then said to her, "girl you can't come in here Amanda, the door is locked," as Amanda said, "no not really," as Amanda opened the door and came in the bathroom where Shanquella was in the tub having a bubble bath. Now seeing Amanda in her bathroom, Shanquella naked in the tub then said to her, "what the hell girl!!," as Amanda said, "what?, as I said before, the door wasn't locked, come on Shanquella you should know by now that I'm never wrong," said Amanda, as she made her way in the bathroom, and sat on the toilet led of the toilet seeing Shanquella there laying in the bath tub. "You know that I'm naked in the tub right," said Shanquella, "yes Ms. Robertson, just like I also know that you are going to get up in the nude and shower right in-front of me.

Then as Amanda had said so, Shanquella still naked then got up from soaking in the bubble bath, as she then started to shower in-front of the young girl Amanda naked as could be. "It's so nice how I could see everything you have on display Shanquella," as Shanquella said to her, "shut up Amanda," as she continued to shower, "temper, temper Shanquella, or I will make all your clothes disappear, you know darn well I have the ability to do so you know," as Shanquella had no choice, but to submit to her. There as Shanquella is in the shower, she said to her, "I would like to kick your ass when I get out of the shower," said Shanquella taking her shower with the shower curtains still open as Amanda still looked on at her taking a shower sitting on the toilet lid, still looking on at her naked body.

Then as Shanquella finished her shower and about to get her towel, she then came to Amanda and started to punch her in the face. "Whoa Shanquella!!, talk about a cheap shot for a girl standing here in-front me naked," said Amanda touching the side of her face, "yeah exactly, what are you going to do about it, do something about it, "said Shanquella, as Amanda looked at her and said "alright, you asked for it," as Amanda started to levitate Shanquella Robertson in the air, as Shanquella was in the air kicking and swinging her arms.

"Girl, Amanda would you get me down from here," said Shanquella, as she was levitated in the air. "No, you punched me in the face just now, and this is what you get Quella," as Amanda enjoyed levitating a girl in the air, while seeing her with no clothes on. "Amanda get me down from here girl, I'm naked," as Amanda said to her, "I literally, can see that Quella" as Shanquella is still levitating in the air. "Now apologize for punching me Shanquella, and I would let you down" said Amanda, as Shanquella had no other choice but to do so. "Alright, alright Amanda I'm sorry, I don't know what got over me, my apologize," as Amanda the excepted her apologize saying to her, "now that wasn't so hard, was it naked girl Quella?" as Amanda surrendered her telekinetic powers as Shanquella naked, then dropped to the floor.

Now dropping to the floor, Shanquella then got up and stood in-front of Amanda. "Amanda, do you have any idea how embarrassing that was being levitated in the air naked by you," said Shanquella, "well Quella, did you know how much I didn't appreciate that punch you gave me?" asked Amanda, as she enjoyed seeing the naked girl in front of her. Then as Shanquella stood in-front of Amanda still naked, Amanda's eye then glazed at her not so hidden and visible privates. "You have a beautiful and gorgeous looking body Quella, I mean those are lovely breast, and a lovely vulva too" then as Shanquella saw what Amanda was staring at, she covered up saying, "Amanda would quit staring at my vagina, it's embarrassing enough you are seeing me naked right now," as Amanda gave out a little giggle. "Amanda what is so funny?" asked Shanquella, as she looked at Shanquella's body and said, "your naked in front of me Quella, what do you think? oh, and Shanquella by the way, you are going to wipe off that wet skin of yours, and then walk out the bathroom naked as you are." Shanquella now hearing that, she called Amanda's bluff by telling her, "Yeah right, like that would happen," as she went to that towel to wipe her body off, all the while backing Amanda. "Someone is really cheeky Quella," said Amanda, staring at Shanquella's bare ass, as Shanquella responded to her saying, "shut up and quit looking at my ass Amanda," whipping off her skin while Amanda in the same bathroom looked on.

After whipping of her skin, Shanquella then took the towel she whipped her skin with, hung it up on the rail, and headed out of the bathroom naked leaving Amanda to stare at her bare bum, as Amanda looked at the butt cheeks of Shanquella going up and down, and back and forth as she walked out the bathroom. When seeing Shanquella walking out of the bathroom naked she then said, "man I'm good and never wrong," as Amanda then walked out the bathroom to follow Shanquella to her bedroom as Shanquella walked naked down the hallway of her house and to her bedroom. There as Shanquella walked to her bedroom naked Amanda then ran up to her and slapped Shanquella on the right but cheek as Shanquella jumped up saying, "hey!!," as Amanda said, "what Quella, I can't help the fact that you have a nice-looking ass that every man including myself, can't keep his eyes off of," said Amanda as she still continuously looked at Shanquella's bare ass as she made it to her bedroom.


Now in the bedroom Amanda then slapped Shanquella on the butt beating her bare butt like it was a drum. "Amanda quite it," said Shanquella, as Shanquella went to seat in front her bureau as she sat there naked going to brush her hair. Amanda was in the room with Shanquella as Shanquella was brushing her hair by the bureau. "Tell me something Quella," said Amanda, as Shanquella said to her, "tell you what Amanda?" said Shanquella, as she sat brushing and doing her hair, as Amanda sat on Shanquella's bed looking at her naked body. There is Amanda, still looking at her naked body as Shanquella said, "yes Amanda, you are going to ask me a question, hello!!," as Amanda stopped looking at her naked body and got her attention, as Shanquella turned around to look at Amanda as Amanda stopped looking at her nakedness and now at her, "Quella do you have a boyfriend?" as Shanquella said, "I had before, not right now," said Shanquella, as Amanda asked, "had before Quella?" as Shanquella responded by saying, "yes it was Kaleel we had broken after 4 years together," as Shanquella brushed her hair all the while Amanda was looking at her naked body as Amanda reached out and touched Shanquella's nude body.

"Don't worry Quella, I'm going to be feeling up this naked body of yours, and you are not going to mind at all," as Amanda continued to touch Shanquella's naked body as Shanquella finished brushing her hair. Then as Amanda was still touching her naked body, Shanquella then looked outside to the swimming pool, as she craved the feeling of wanting to go for a swim. Then as Amanda was feeling up her bare breast, hips and thighs, Shanquella said, "you know what Amanda," as Amanda replied saying, "what Quella," as she was grouping her breast without Shanquella's acknowledgment. "Looking out at that pool, I think I'm going to put on my bikini and go for a swim," as Amanda still touching her breast said to her, "I think you want to ditch the bikini, and go skinny dipping Quella, but first you're going to kiss me on the lips," said Amanda, touching her breast and thighs. "Excuse me, Amanda! no, I'm not," said Shanquella, as she kissed Amanda on the lips anyway. After kissing Amanda on the lips, Shanquella then got up from her chair in front of her bureau to got to the swimming pool. Now going to the swimming pool, she passed Amanda as Amanda then squeezed her left butt cheek, and then slapped Shanquella on her bare butt as she shouted out to Shanquella saying, "Whoa!!, nice looking ass Quella girl, really cheeky," as she looked at Shanquella's bare butt, as Shanquella walked quickly out the bedroom and towards the swimming pool naked, all the while Amanda stared at her bare bum and giggled.

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