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Harry and Alsion (or Y/n if you prefer) are finally going to Hogwarts, but things take a turn when they find out the secret their Uncle had been keeping from them. NOT THE MAIN STORYLINE BUT I WILL UPDATE LATER

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Potters and Lestrange mix?

Chapter 1 {FLASHBACK AS WELL please read it's not mandatory but you will understand the story and characters better}


“Oh my- Oh my- Ali, it’s too much!” Harry Potter laughed helplessly. Alison Potter laughed with her brother.

“I guess now we know who is the funnier Potter.”

“That is NoT TrUe!” Harry exclaimed. “Plus, have you forgotten we are twins-”

“Just because we are twins does NOT mean we have the same abilities” Alison cut him off.

“Who told you that?” Harry complained, looking for his next victim secretly so Alison wouldn’t beat him to it.

It was a cold winter day, snow was everywhere, and there were muggles doing all sorts of things; building snowmen, having snowball fights, and making snow angels. The twins had woken up 2 hours ago, so while they waited for their Godmother to make breakfast, they were outside playing tricks (on muggles) and pranking each other as they would usually do. They loved playing pranks on their uncle, Lucius Malfoy, but he was swamped, and they hadn’t heard from him for 2 weeks. They wondered what he was up to, and kept making conjectures about it.

“Why do you think Uncle Lucky isn’t visiting us anymore?” Alison was thinking about this for a while “Well… I actually have no idea. Surely, he must have a good reason. Lucius wouldn’t leave yOu for aNyThInG” Harry was still scanning the front of their house for something or someone.

“What do you mean mEeEeE?! He cares for you too-”

“Just because we are twins does not mean people like us the same amount,” Harry copied.


“Just because you have the--”

“Don’t even finish that sentence” Alison started -completely fed up with her twin stealing her phrases- standing up, for once not taking caution about her surroundings (something she thinks is absolutely mandatory), and immediately fell back down “What the--”

Harry burst out laughing “Oh my- Ali- are you- ok- I didn’t- know- it would- be that- strong-”

“Your still not the funny. PoTtEr!” Standing up and dusting herself off, giving her twin a disgusted but proud look.

“Well we’re twins,” Harry said standing up after his sister, Alison rolled her eyes at this,

“As you said ‘even though we are twins”, Bellatrix never finished,

“Bella!” Alison ran up to her and hugged her “Hi”

Bellatrix Lestrange was standing in the doorway of 32 Mullin Lane wearing her favorite black dress that Alison made, with a full bag, shoes, hairbands, and cloak (Bellatrix seemed to wear this outfit nearly every day or save it for special occasions).

“Morning Bella,” Harry finally stated his existence, not necessarily being not cared about just forgotten in the midst of his amazing sister Alison, Bellatrix pulled him inside the house, and Harry smiled at her.


“What have you guys been doing,” Bellatrix starts but seeing both twins open their mouths, “apart from arguing.”

They spent the next 30 minutes, eating breakfast, telling their godmother about the tricks they played on the muggles that morning,

“Oh, my Alison, that is amazing,” Bellatrix stated,

Harry looked up from his food after listening to Alison being praised again, “I helped too.”

“I bet you did, Harry! You two are an amazing team. Please let it stay that way when you go to Hogwarts.” Bellatrix advised.

“Hog…. HOGWARTS! Wha….” Alison started jumping up and down, leaving her food unattended. “Actually? For real? Is it true?”

“Yes, we leave to buy your stuff tomorrow.” Bellatrix got up and showed them their acceptance letters.


“Guess we are, Ali.” Harry smiled at her, he loved seeing his sister happy and vowed to protect her.


In my mind, this is the best thing ever. I am going to make Bellatrix proud, and Harry too. Although, I doubt he cares. I’ve consistently scored higher than him on the tests Bella makes us take, and he doesn’t even study, or read that much!! To me it’s outrageous. How can someone not love reading? I know all that outside exposure and extracurricular skills are excellent as well. Like, Quidditch! It’s the best game ever, and I love the outside stuff as well. Despite Harry being the better seeker, I’m optimistic we’ll both make the team.

“You coming, Ali?” Bellatrix called out to me. Of course, I was coming, maybe I would see William, Christopher, or Ryan.


Harry POV

When we got to Diagon Ally, buying everything on the list. Even though it said not to get a broom, Bellatrix got us both nimbus 2000's which Alison literally drooled over.

"Thanks, Bella," I looked over at Alison who was already trying to mount her broom "ALI!"


"IT'S WILLIAM!" I knew she would immediately get off the broom and try to look for him, her ginormous crush on him overtaking all the rules she ever stood for. And like I thought she got off her broom and looked around, however my plan backfired when we actually saw William standing outside Diagon Ally complaining to his muggle parents that it was unfair that he couldn't get a broom.

"Will," Ali ran up to him hugging him tightly, he took a few seconds trying to figure out who it was but realizing it was MY sister Alison, he hugged her and spun her around lifting her legs off of the floor. "I missed you so much! Wait why are you in Diagon Ally?"

"Can you believe it I'm a wizard. Me with mu- what did you call it again; oh yeah muggle parents." Will explains everything with MY sister STILL in his arms.

"That's nice William," I take matters into my own hands and pull Alison away from him, catching William winking at MY SISTER. THIS BOY! Anyways, we all do the rest of our shopping.


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