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The Realm of Alteria is in the midst of something ghastly that the world had never expected to ever be returning. A mysterious Elf appears in the wood nearby Boulders Gates and a ragtag team of adventurers hope to remove the threat from the area. Little known to our Heroes, they may just be in for the last adventure for anyone to have.

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The tree of life has always ensured that Alteria would be in balance. In the beginning it was said one tree bore life to all other living things. The various races, which is believed to had begun with the elvish and the djinn. From that the next races were of the Dwarves and the Illithids, whom populated the mountains and caverns below the surface.

When the caverns had been started for populating, the impish and the changelings also had come to dwell there. The intricacies of technology was born from the underground races. The refinement of magic was left to the overworld, the elves, djinn, humans, goblins and even the genasi.

A few hundred years back, a band of elvish of both varieties, High and Wood, and the genasi, to form an alliance. This alliance had the goal to obtain control over the tree of life, the world's very center of creation. They believed they could control life itself if they had gained the control they sought after. The power to become immortals and be considered God's in the world.

It is said that a fire genasi of a great sorcery ability had lived and led the alliance in those days. Many now believe the tree of life to be lost forever, as the alliance disappeared shortly after the dark elf race emerged. The tree had marked the elves who were going to betray it. Ever since the Dark Elves and Genasi have been heavily persecuted for their historic existence. Most now learn to accept the history, though many dark elves went underground to live amongst the Dwarves of the depths of the world, even being cast farther into the depths with the Dwarven outcasts.

Tension between races are getting higher as more sightings of dragons plague the continent, Archae, along with the barbaric Goblins who always torment the settlements. Tieflings have recently emerged from another realm the tree had pulled them from. Tieflings are typical to be pranksters, though many personality pass around.

In some of the forests on the continent there are clans of wolves which are said to also be able to be humans. These creatures have a docile side, until a super moon comes out, when they lose all sense of themselves and act sheerly on instinct and hunger alone. There are rumors of shamans who live deep in the woods amongst the animals. These are known as sprites, however they have many physical forms. Some even rumor they may be changelings.

In the most recent of years, the rise of Dragonborn, or DragonKin, has started as the birth of a draconian humanoid. These creatures are rumored to be recent racial offspring to the three ancient dragons which guard the tree of life. Only a handful of scholars, such as the Twin Tieflings to the North East of Boulders Gates, have any hints to the ideas of how these beings came to exist.

The world's population is still growing as this world is evolving. No being alone is safe, nor are they amongst their races, a time of darkness comes to visit Alteria as the dawn of a new age comes. The world has forgotten a lot of their history. However, history always has a way of repeating itself..

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Arthur Lake Arthur Lake
Nicely done well written great start ✔👍
April 10, 2023, 00:11
Arthur Lake Arthur Lake
Wonderful next chapter 🙂👍
April 09, 2023, 23:09
Arthur Lake Arthur Lake
You write with a talented mind well written
April 09, 2023, 16:57
Arthur Lake Arthur Lake
Finally my indulgence is over taken 👌👍
March 17, 2023, 16:45
Jackson Wimbish Jackson Wimbish
Decent start. I noticed a few confusing sentences, but overall decent world building.
February 11, 2023, 10:47
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Alteria is a Inspired Fantasy world based off of the ideas I had come up with for a pen and paper campaign, which I never fully played with a group, the Story will just die if I don't write it out and thus this world is being added and stories are to come soon. En savoir plus Alteria.