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A 22 years old shy girl Mia moved to a new town for school, where she stayed with her uncle Teo and her Young rude cuzen. Mia was shy, to an extent that she would meet her new handsome boyfriend and say nothing, but she was good at communicating through texting. Mia fell in love with a handsome rich guy and she lied about her past, her ex-boyfriend, and everything she went through to save his new relationship. Who knows what fate has for Mia, and what happened when her past came after her and the new boyfriend?

Romance Romance jeune adulte Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © Copyright reserved

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Chapter one

Mia Moving To Ehenye

Monday morning, my mom woke up preparing for my trip to Ehenye. She packed everything already and she was busy preparing breakfast. I was still in dreamland, OMG... I just dreamt of my boyfriend, I love him so much since he was my first love.

Knock knock... That was my sister knocking on my room's door.

" wake up sissy, you gonna be late, remember you are travelling today," said my sister Erina.

" just go away". I yawned, as I struggled to wake up.

I told my sister to go, I still wanted to sleep but I had to wake up since I was travelling. Erina is my younger sister, she is 14. She truly cares about me and she loved me so much. We spent all our holidays together, except this holiday. I had to go to Ehenye, I have to go and adapt to everything in the town before school starts. I passed high school and now I was going to Varsity. My sister was upset because I was leaving her alone with mom, but there was nothing the both of us could do, I have to go.

I woke up and freshen up. As I walked downstairs, I got greeted by the delicious smell of mom's soup. My Mom was good at cooking and we all enjoyed her food so much. She got that magic in her hands.
I saw my mom and Erina together as they prepare breakfast.

"good morning" I grated them.

My mom stared at me "good morning beautiful".

We started eating the food mom prepared and it was delicious.

"Thanks, mom for the breakfast, it's delicious," I said as I stood up heading to my room to get ready. I have to be ready by 10:00. My uncle Sem is coming to pick me up.

I went into my room, and get dressed. I was looking beautiful in my pink rose dress, a white jacket and short white heels. I feel comfortable in short heels. I took my black handbag and went straight to the leaving room, where my mom and my sister were waiting for me.

"you look beautiful sis" Erina shouted as she saw me coming upstairs.

"thank you, my love" I smiled at her.

My mom looked at me with tears in her eyes, "you look gorgeous my girl".

I hugged her, "thank you, mom," I said.

"Now let's go outside, your uncle is coming now to pick you up," my mom said as she pick up a box from the table and give it to me.

"what is in here?" I asked mom.

My mom said " you will open it with time and find out yourself, for now, let's go outside"

We went outside the house, and my uncle was already there. He greeted us and put all my belongings into the car. We hugged our goodbyes. I could see my sister was upset because I was leaving. I told her I will be coming on holiday. I even promised to be calling her every day. Again we hugged and my uncle and I left.

On my way to Ehenye, I have been thinking about how my boyfriend Valentine will react because since last night we did not talk to each other. He was upset with me because I didn't go to see him. He wanted to say goodbye, but my mom ruined everything. We went to visit my grandparents in the village of Omahenge and we came back late. I didn't get time to go and see him. I felt bad too. I tried to explain everything to him but he refused to listen, so we didn't text until today.

I wanted to text him but, what if he was still upset with me? I put my phone back in my bag and started staring outside. The view was beautiful.

Valentine was my first boyfriend, I mean my first love. We started dating in the seventh grade and we decided to apply to the same high school. We love each other so much and he cared more about me. During holidays he used to take me out and spoil me since he was from a better family. As for me, "oops" we were hard workers. If my mom didn't work to get money, sometimes with our help of us, then there was no bread.

Last year we almost broke up, because of Saara, the girl from our school. She was in Valentine's class because when we went to high school, we were not in the same class. Saara is a witch, she was always after people's boyfriends. I was sick of her. Anyways, Valentine managed to clear up the misunderstanding and we're fine again.

On our way, we stopped by one cafe to have something cold to drink. My uncle also bought some food. After eating, we continued. I was so tired, we drove for 5 hours and we were still not getting there, who knows how long we had to drive to get there? I was so impatient. Firstly I was so excited to go to Ehenye but now I was stressed, I was losing interest because we were not getting there, so I slept.

Around 20:30, we arrived at my uncle's house in Ehenye. "God" my back was killing me, I was so tired. All I wanted was to have something cold, bathe and sleep. My uncle Teo and my cousin welcomed me home, and my cousin Adel took me to my new room.

"Can I get you something?" Adel asked.

The only thing I could think of was my favourite Mango juice that my mom used to buy for me, but I couldn't ask for it since I was new here, what if they don't have it?

I smiled out of hunger "anything cold".

Adel went to the kitchen and came back with cold water. "there you go" handing the glass of water to me.

"what is wrong with these people, can't you see I'm hungry, who gives water to someone who just travelled," I said in my mind.

I smiled and took the glass of water, "thank you" I said.

"just next to your door, there is a bathroom," she said to me.

"alright thank you" I fake a smile.

I told Adel to close the door after her since I was tired and I need to sleep. I ate the leftovers of the lunch that uncle Sem bought for me on our way. Uncle Sam had to go to his house, he stay just in the nearby town of Ongwediva. He just dropped me off and greeted my uncle Teo, so he left.

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PH Peneyambeko Hamukoshi
This story is amazing, I'm sure you will love it. Stay tuned ❤🙂
December 04, 2022, 11:02

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