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A young 15 year old young girl Oracle by the name of Amanda has a neighbor by the name of Shanquella Roberton a 25 year old that owns her own clothing store. Amanda is able to predict what will happen to her, as Amanda is also able to get Shanquella naked and is able to see her naked all the time as well. Amanda also getting Shanquella naked wants her to get use to her nudity, by letting her know that it is not only used for sexual purposed, but for freeness and liberation too.

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Little girl see her neighdor naked

One time there was this young lady that goes by the name Amanda who was about 15 years old that had seen her neighbor Shanquella Robinson 25 year old naked on many occation. This young girl Amanda was not just any ordinary girl, but one that had super ability and psychic readings.

One day Shanquella was at her place of business as she saw the young girl by the name of Amanda as the girl came in there looking around the store as she saw alot of clothing on sale, all the while drinking a smoothy. "Well hello there Amanda nice to see you honey," as Amanda said to her, "nice to see you too," as Amanda responed to her saying, "nice to see you too Shanquella honey." Then as Shanquella saw the young 15 year old looking around the store she asked. "Find anything that you are looking for Amanda dear," said Shanquella, as Amanda said, "no not really, I just came to tell you that you are naked in the store," as Shanquella then said to her, "no I'm not little girl," as Amanda said to her, "yes just look," as Shanquella took one look at herself and started to freak out. "What the hell, where the hell are the clothes I had on," as Amanda wear a shirt jack, shirt, and skirt looked at her giggling as she looked saw Shanquella standing there naked in her own store. "What the hell Amanda, and would you stop laughing, I'm naked here, how am I going to tend to my costumers if I'm naked in this store" said Shanquella as Amanda replied saying to her, "I could definitely see that Ms. Shanquella Robertson," as she continued her laughter. Then as Shanquella stopped covering herself she stood there and said to the young girl name Amanda, "I need my clothes back this instant and I'm not play, hey and quite staring at my breast and vagina." "Ok well, alow me to do this," as Amanda went behind Shanquella, looking and squeezing both her bare butt cheeks making Shanquella jump. "Girl would you stop that," said Shanquella, in her own store. "Oh crap have costumers coming in, what am I going to do, I don't want them seeing me like this, naked in my own store. Then as Shanquell Robinson was in her place of business naked, Amanda then said, "not to worry Shanquella dear, your clothes are going to come back wear they belong. Then as Shanquella heard what Amanda said, she then looked on her body again, and was relieved to see that her clothes came back on her. Amanda then said to her, "see you Shanquell, enjoy your day in the store. There Amanda had left the store as some lady costumers came in. The leaving the store Amanda then snapped her finger again as Shanquella clothes disappeared for the second time as the lady cosumers point at her and laughed, Shanquella from her business shouted out, "DAMN YOU AMANDA!!!."

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