brentfranklin83 Brent Franklin

The road I was on, starting three years ago was self destructive. Along with every dark emotion that could be had. I feel I had died in my small world with 4 walls and a door. There’s always a way out, you just have to keep looking for light.

Poésie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

# #darkness #nevergiveup #knocking #knockonthedoor
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Knock knock

A knock at the door

Now its arrived

Dont be scared

Its fear that he needs to thrive.

Why give him ammo

When in that book

You hold so Much more

Just open it, take a look.

In awe we peak at the pages.

In red are his words, inspiring us to be courageous!!

That chill up your spine?

Does it make you feel brave?

Or make you want to run and find somewhere safe?

The safety we know is a lie!

Thought we were safe as we soaked in Sin.......

And soon we would have died

Stand with me and face whats on the others side.

Face the evil outside that door!

That chill is the Holy Ghost,

Its our sword as we enter this fight!

Pay no mind to the thing in you saying run.

Read the rest of this book and I'll outline

How to face the devil just outside.

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