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For the Italian mafia princess Aria Russo, love is nothing but a fatal weakness. It makes you go high and do things which people would obviously find ridiculous. She had witnessed the beauty and cruelty of love in her family making her want to stray away from the forbidden feeling. In the Italian mafia world girls are only treated as an object of pleasure, honor and dignity. Aria knows that when she is coming of age her family would find her a suitor even if she did not want to. No one can escape from this predicament. Not even Aria herself. In the end Aria went to a foreign land just for the sake of finishing her studies. But along the way, she met a man named Daniel who not only made her feel safe but also feel love. Aria already knows the danger she got herself into but want to go near the danger itself. Who knows what Daniel is planning. Is he a good person in the eyes of the mafia princess or an evil person in the eyes of others?

Romance Suspense romantique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.
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I should not have come here. I should have known better to get out of this place. But I cannot bring myself to do it. I had finally found about his secret and just because the place is creepier than prison does not mean that I am giving up on what I had been doing for weeks.

I exhaled with a shiver. The place is so damn cold that I am getting frostbites. Keeping my head clear, I walked towards the door located at the end of the narrow hallway.

With every step I took, my whole body becomes more cold. It took almost forever to reach the door.

I had finally achieved my goal but I hesitate to open. Why you might ask? I am just eager to decipher his expression. Would he be angry, happy, sad or being indifferently cold towards me? Just thinking about it gives me the slightest bit of the nerves.

With my trembling hand, I opened the door. I thought I would see his face but I was so wrong. A pile of dead bodies was found in the centre with blood flowing non stop. I can see various cuts on their bodies and every single cut is horrendous.

My whole body shook. From fear or excitement? While I was confused about my emotions, I failed to register that there was a person standing behind me.

Unknowingly, I took a step backwards and was met with a hard steel like chest. I completely froze on the spot. I cursed myself inwardly.

Before I could turn my body, his hand held my jaw tightly and pointed my face upwards to meet with his.

My eyes were unable to hide the shock I had felt. I had always known that his eyes were black but now they are even a darker shade of the colour. It is like I am looking into a pit of darkness.

"You shouldn't be here principessa," he spoke.

"Why should I?," I questioned him.

He chuckled darkly. I can feel myself shiver.

"You have been a bad girl getting yourself into the devil's nest."

I merely smiled. "Is that so? But from the pile of bodies in front of me I can only say that I am in a crime scene."

"Oh yeah? Hmm, you are not wrong but you are not right either principessa."

He spoke hoarsely.

I flinched from his hoarseness. Is he excited from the slaughter I wonder? Well, his expression is certainly much better than I would have expected.

I took a deep breath and faced his dark eyes with a hint of slyness.

"If you are that talented in slaughtering people, I wonder if you would lend an ear to a deal I am offering you with?"

He narrowed his eyes.

"Can you date me?"


"Just to spite my father for trying to arrange an engagement for his daughter without my permission."

He smirked.

"I can see that you're having issues with your father. But you should know that I am not cheap."

"Then what do you want?"

I questioned him. If he wants money, then he can get it. If he wants to murder someone for the sake of revenge, then I will gladly provide him intellectual help. But the payment he wants is not something I had really expected to hear from him.

"Marry me."

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