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Based on true story about a young lady by the name of Shanquella Robinson how had her own business braiding hair. However, Shanquella had made friend with Daejanae Jackson and Winter Donavon, as the business owner of a hair salon Shanquella having the girls as friends didn't know that the same friends that she was friends with, in all reality was looking to take her out by killing her.

Thriller/Mystère Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The girl Shanquella

You are probably wondering to yourself why is a beautiful young lady like Shanquella Robinson doing in a hotel room in Cabo, Mexico completely naked with her friends around her. Shanquella still in the nude has a confrontation with one of her friends Daejanae who is wearing her flower design PJs, as Shanquella is the only one that is naked in the room with friend that consist of three guys and three girls.

It resulted in Deajanae beating a naked Shanquella up as it resulted into her girlfriends joining in on the beat down as it also resulted in Shanquella later on dying after getting beaten to death.

It all started in Charlette, North Carolina, as the date was October 26th, 2022. There was a beautiful 25-year-old ebony girl that goes by the name of Shanquella Robinson who had her own business after graduated from college along with her friens, with a associates degree in business and administration. Shanquella owned her own business and is an ontrepreneur, as she's described as a loving, caring, sharing and friendly individual. Now in her hair salon, Shanquella is now doing a little girl's hair as she also does women's hair in general as the business is very successful, charged from $160.00 to $86.00, as she makes good money at that business in itself. She is also known to be one that give back to those that are less fortunate than her, giving back to charities in the state. Shanquella with her business could also in her free time afford to go to places in the states, in Europe, Mexico and Jamaica, as she would even go to those places with her boyfriend Khalil every once in a while. One time Shanquella was doing a little girl's hair at her place of business, as she braids the hair of the girl in a very artistic form as the mother that sat there watching was impress with the braiding she did. Julia at Shanquella's business saw a car with two young ladies pulling up in Shanquella's place of business, "Shanquella honey, just who are those girls parked out there?" asked Julia as Shanquella answered her saying, "Oh those girls Julia?, oh they're my best friend Daejanae and Winter, they just pulled up to see me." Then as Shanquella waved at the two, they both waved back. "I hope you know that we need to get rid of her, you know that right Winter," said Daejanae, "Why do we have to do that Dej, Shanquella there is our friend," as Daejanae then said to Winter, "friend my ass Winter, look at her in that salon business that she owns, playing that she all that, thinking that she's better than us, she had our boyfriends checking her out that time we were hanging out with her, remember." Then as Daejanae said all of that Winter told her, "I see your point, I mean there should be a way to beat her up not kill her though, I mean we have to get our revenge some way and somehow," as they both looked at Shanquella in the Salon and smiled at her.

"Well they look like trouble," as Shanquella said, "they're not trouble Julia, trust me, you need to relax with all that drama," as Julia then told Shanquella, "whatever you say Ms. Robinson, but remember this," as Shanquella then replied to her, "remember what Julia?" as Julia said to her, "misery love company, and watch the people in your circle," as Shanquella stop what she was doing, went over to Julia kissed her on the cheek and went back to what she was doing. "Now what was that for?" as Shanquella said, "for the wonderful wisdom that you shared, thank you Julia you are just like my own mother," as Julia said to her, "any time Shaquella honey," as Shanquella continued braiding the young girl's hair. Shanquella now finished with her, the little girl then told her "Thank you Shanquella," as she said to the girl, "your welcome Tiffany," as the mother paid her for the service. The after doing the little girl hair, she told Julia, "I am stepping out to see my friends, I'll be back" as Shanquella stepped outside to her friends Dajanae and Winter, as the two had came out the car to see her. Julia doing a lady's hair saw Shanquella talking with the girlfriends as the lady costumer said, "I have never seen those girls out here before," as Julia said, "me neither Andrea, me neither," as the lady costumer said, "Shanquella sure got a big booty," as Julia then said, "yes girl the bigger the better," as the ladies in the salon laughed.

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