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A demonic jewel trapped in a forest was being brought out by some guys and it cause a big trouble to them

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The Jewel

Tony sneaked out of the room after a lot of warning from his mother not to move out of the house but to stay indoor reading is what Tony hate most.

Tony believe it was during exams students needs to read, he went out with his phone calling his other friends whether they are already at the field to play,

"are you guys with ball, because I'm holding no ball with me here" said Tony in the phone conversation with one of his friends Jude,
"sure dude, hurry up you are late" said Jude from the phone call.

Tony move more faster to make sure he get to the field as early as he can

"Oh boy, you don't tell me you came with your girlfriend," said Tony to Mali.
In the field were Jude, Mali, Jane(Mali girlfriend), Zona and Racy

"I told her not to follow me but she insisted" Mali said

"That love is crazy" said Zona sarcastically,

"Stop dude, that's envness" said Racy,

"Envy of what, besides I have my girlfriend" said Zona

All others burst out laughing at Zona, "what's funny guys" asked Zona

"So you just call that a girlfriend" said Tony
"(Laughing) that dark and skinny girl, that look like a lizard" Racy started to laugh more louder than before

"Just like a plasma television, no front no back" Tony laugh more effective.

"That's not funny guys, be nice" said Zona,

"Let put that aside, I have just limited time here" said Tony as he took up the ball. "Let just start the match" said Tony.

They set up the field and ready for the match,

"Find a cool place to sit, dear" said Mali to Jane.

Jane moved to the end of the pitch and sat on a big rock placed on the ground.

The match began so easily, Zona which was not good in playing ball, he was seriously dribbled and also was make jest on, he never felt ashamed cos he didn't care about it,

"Go on Mali!! You can do it" Jane shouted when Zona was about to kick a shoot into the goalpost but the ball was so high that it vanish in the sky before it started coming down

"Waw!!! That's a great move from our legend player" said Tony sarcastically,

The ball flew very far into a forest that was near to the field,

" Jane caused that, I was about to target the goalpost and her scream confused me" Zona said to put he blame on her, so if Racy, the owner of the ball wants to shout, he will shout on her not him.

"And how can I get back my ball" asked Racy

"Don't stress to much let go find it in the forest" said Zona has he was leading to the forest,

All others followed him including Jane, they were moving slowly in the forest, passing the little tiny path in between the forest while looking for the ball,

After walking for long in the forest, chatting and laughing together, and still searching for the ball, they saw a golden jewel on the floor at the middle of the road

"Waw Jude take a look at this awesome jewel" said Mali, he picked it up, the jewel look very attractive, new and inevitable,

"Waw this is beautiful" said Jude, they started passing the jewel to each other checking how nice and original it is, so many great comment from them on the jewel
"This will be good for me dear" said Jane, she collected the jewel and put it on.
The jewel looks more glitters, and attractive,

"It awesome on you Jane" said Mali.

They later saw the ball some where in the forest and brought it back to the field

They continued their match, Jane didn't for once stop his noise

"Go on dear, you can do it"

Suddenly a strange creature swift behind Jane with a strange sound.

"Urr!!!" Jane looked her back and found nothing, she continued her noise when she heard another strange sound at her back again.

"What's that Mali?" She said quietly and looked at her back again, but still found nothing.

Mali was fortunately to score a goal, but he didn't hear a sound from Jane to celebrate him.

"I score a goal Jane, I score a goal" Mali keep on shouting, he starred at the direction where Jane sat but couldn't found anyone.

"Urr!! Where is Jane?" Mali asked very shocked.

"Where can she be just now?" Asked Tony looking around for her,

"She might be playing 'hide and seek', don't you think that guys" said Zona.

Not quite long Mali saw a paper on the floor beside the rock and the chain he gave Jane

"Guys, look at this letter," said Mali, he picked up the letter,

"Which type of letter is this?" Asked Tony very strange, "written in a black paper."

If you want to see her alive
and want yourself
also alive
You have only three task to do for me
Failure doing that in 24hours
You are all dead!!!

"What's this letter talking about?" Shouted Mali in fear.

"The letter hand writing was even scary" said Tony "this means a danger for this should be written with red ink"

They all felt scared except Zona, "this is just a prank bro. You know Jane love to prank a lot" said Zona.

'This is not a prank, Zona, Jane has been captured" shouted Mali.

"Oh sorry, boyfriend indeed" said Zona sarcastically.

"Imagine, see that danger sign set as background at the middle of the letter" said Tony.

"Enough of this letter" shouted Mali, very scared and threw the letter away, he was very worried about where Jane will be and the situation she is now.

"All we need to do is to find where Jane is" said Mali.

Suddenly the words in the letter started changing..

"Hey, look guys, the words are changing!!!" Shouted Racy.........

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