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Mary is celebrating Christmas as Queen for the first time.

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Christmas carols

Mary's grandpa hate Christmas.

He always made everyone's life so hard. Whenever a friend or a family say 'Merry Christians. ' he replied 'Bah Humbag.'

He was also the richest man in Kingdom 12, he owned the biggest factory of gifts. He even never let the workers take their present home to their children.

Every night he was all alone counting money. He had 6.5 millions of them.

He was fast asleep, suddenly there was a knock on the door. He opened the door and it was the ghost. Christmas ghost of the past. He took the old man's hand. He waved his wand.

They arrived at little house. There was a boy, looking happy. "Why's he's so happy? He doesn't have present!"

"That's you."

But he doesn't remember being a boy who lived in little house with no present and decorations during Christmas, yet still being a happy boy.

"Do you remember this?" a dog run toward the boy, looking happy.

"Yes. My Flower. Mother Makrina and Father Ferdinand brought me a dog, even though he was allergic to her."

The ghost send him back to home.

The old man was about to go to bed, when he heard a knock. This time was Christmas ghost of present. The ghost took him to Mary's palace.

They were not inside. They were looking at her and her friends and even some peasants laughing and eating dinner. "I just wished that my grandpa was here." Mary was sad. He felt guilty for not attending to get Christians dinner.

The old man was sent back home and he heard another knock. Ghost. Christmas ghost of the future.

The ghost put him on the horse. The horse rose so fast. They arrived.

They saw an old man, older than him. Looking weak, money and bitter. "Who's he?"

"That's you. You're lonely."


"Because people are tired of your cruel behaviour, even your granddaughter."

Now the old man realised why he was visited by the three ghost.

Next morning, he grabbed all the money and presents and gave everyone.

Then he went to her palace and have dinner with her and her friends. Mary was surprised that he has changed. Mary was glad.

He hold his toast and shouted "Merry Christmas."

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