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All Polly has ever wanted was a bitter sweet life. She wanted to become a professional skateboarder or even just a photographer. But one day her dreams were taken away from her as she was out and about town where she was taken from her hometown. Throughout the course though she falls in love without meaning to. But with this love comes a lot of pain and sacrifices that she never thought she would ever make.

Romance Romance jeune adulte Tout public.

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Secrets in the shadows

I woke up in a room that was pitch black, and I heard screaming next door coming from another girl. I could not help myself but to close my eyes hoping that it was all a silly dream, but it was not. As I dwelled there in my own thoughts wondering what was going on. I could hear the door creak open and a beam of light came into the room. I thought that this may be the perfect time to escape, the door’s open and I can try to escape. I could make a run for it. Though as that idea finally came to mind, I heard the door slam shut, and I made an attempt to sit up but my wrists were chained down as well as my ankles. Laying there I could hear the footsteps of someone getting closer and closer, you could not miss the sound of his feet hitting the ground with each step. As I peeled my eyes back open I could see a frame of a man outlined as he stood above me, looking down at me.

“W... who are you,” I asked the man as I tried to think of who it could be and what they would want with me, or in fact why did they bring me here.

“I am Charles,” he told me and I could not help but blink as I sat there. I do not recall ever knowing a man named Charles and it made me wonder what would he want with someone like me. I am not attractive at all, and I am for sure not some trashy white girl who had on a mini skirt and a top revealing all of my goodies.

I caught his eyes with mine and I can tell that he sensed the fear in my eyes. Tugging once more on the chains he loosened them for me allowing for me to sit up slowly. Looking at the faint shadow of his face so many questions were spinning through my mind.

“What do you want from me? I can almost promise you there is nothing you would even want from me.” I said my voice a bit shaky as I sat there taking in deep breaths trying to calm myself.

“You will soon learn in time, Polly..”

“How did you know my name??”

“I’ve been watching you for a while...” My eyes went wide hearing his words and I could almost swear that he was joking. A nervous laugh left my lips as I shook my head and just kept on laughing and laughing at him thinking this was all one big joke.

“Oh come on now you are joking okay let me guess this is just a prank. Okay guys you can all come on out and stop filming and laughing at me.” I said with a small laugh as I shook my head. How stupid did they think I was this was all just planned like they do on those television shows that I watched every weekend with my mother.

“Polly this is not a joke. Do you think it would be a joke if you were chained down and you could hear other girls scream.” He said as he touched my hand gently and I jerked it away as I laid back down and shook my head as I thought this was not true and it was not happening to me.

“Can... can I have some water please?” I asked and I felt him leave my side but only to return minutes later. Reaching out I grasped the cup and put it to my lips drinking the water fast and downing it all in one big gulp. I sat there still in shock that this was not a joke and that this was actually happening. Did I want to believe it? No, but I really had no other choice.

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