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Chapter 0

This is the month where groups (specifically girl groups) are debuting in December. But for now this book is all about the girls(because who runs this world? That's right - the girls!) [Thank you Beyonce for that quote, but most likely everyone could rule the world, even non-binarys and etc.]

The first 8 girl groups are;

1. Sunny Smile

2. Caramel Passion

3. Petal Jewel

4. Love Minute

5. RO5EY

6. Pastel Milieu (Pastel Environment)

7. Beh Peuh Brigade (BFFS)

8. And finally, the one and only ..... AKG (Any Kinda Girls)!

They're debut songs are -

* Sunny Smile - Killa Clown

* Caramel Passion - Imperfectly Perfect

* Petal Jewel - Royals

* Love Minute - Deadly Era

* RO5EY - Extraordinary

* Pastel Milieu - Nightmare

* Beh Peh Brigade (shortened; BPB) - Silent Dreams

* AKG - Wakey Wakey/Buga-Boo

That's it for the introduction - I think? But anyways, I'm looking forward to publishing the first chapter somewhere in December to make it look more up to its title. ^^

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