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Chaeyah Portinh is captured by B'hati warrior Takhaht and taken aboard his ship. In order to ensure her humane treatment there, he marries her. They're badly injured in a crash and recover on his home planet where he partially reconciles with his family. They build a life together and help establish a new B'hati colony.

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A Deadly Crash


Federation Directorate Territory


Chaeyah Pohrtinh, a 26 year old human woman, was excited!

She had been widowed two years earlier, and was finally moving on with her life, starting over. She was traveling with friends who, like Chaeyah, were moving to Minot from Jorash.

She was running late. She finally arrived, carrying three large cloth tote bags, 2 large backpacks, and her purse as she boarded the shuttle taking them to Minot, their new home.

”Glad you made it! Packing light, I see!“, a pilot said to her cheerfully. He helped her with her bags.

She looked around. There were two empty seats. He escorted her to the seats.

”We're going to have so much fun on Minot!“, a lady said.

”A new life, new experiences. I can't wait!“, another lady replied.

Two minutes later, the pilot started the shuttle's engines. Ten minutes later, they were out of Jorash's atmosphere and in the blackness of space. Five hours later they met up with a freighter.

The freighter would take them to the edge of Minot's solar system. Twenty-two hours and 2 star portals later, the travelers would then fly two more hours to their final destination, Minot.

Ninety minutes after leaving the freighter, a blue planet came into view. They'd passed a few other planets since entering the solar system, but this planet was a vibrant, beautiful blue.

"This is Minot, your new home planet!", the pilot said as the passengers cheered.

"It's absolutely beautiful!", Chaeyah said to her friend sitting next to her. Her friend agreed. They saw three moons as they flew closer to the planet.

They finally arrived at Minot and it was now time to leave space and start the descent into the planet's atmosphere.

As they flew closer to the area they were traveling to, the pilot didn't decrease their speed.

Below them they saw what looked like cities and towns as well as lakes, rivers, mountains, canyons and, at one point, an ocean.

"We're about 10 minutes out.", the pilot said as they flew over another ocean. Suddenly the shuttle started shaking.

”WE'RE GOING DOWN! HOLD ON!“, the pilot shouted.

The shuttle lost altitude fast. Once on the ground, it bounced several times, flipping several times as well, then skidded 1/2 mile through woods before crashing into the side of a cave.

Everything went black as Chaeyah slipped into unconsciousness.



B'Hati Empire Territory


When she woke up, she was in pain. She was injured, suffering a twisted ankle and wrist, plus bumps, cuts, and bruises.

Looking around, Chaeyah checked on the others. They were all dead. Her eyes filled with tears.

She was on a strange planet, her friends were dead, and she had no idea where she was or where to go for help.

She decided to travel along the nearby river and keep going until she came upon a town or place she could stay. She collected what food, snacks, and drinks the others had, plus her own bags and purse.

It was extremely hot out, since it was Summer in that part of the planet, so she stayed by the crash site until dusk, then started traveling.

Chaeyah walked for days, traveling only at night when it was cooler out, staying along the river the entire time. She slept outside most days, under trees whenever possible for shade, bathing every evening in the river before starting her journey again.

At one point it rained heavily for four days straight. Chaeyah slept in a cave those days, taking a break from her travels.

When the rain finally ended, she started her evening journey once again.

One morning, two weeks after leaving the crash site, she came across a farmhouse with a barn behind it. She went to the front and back doors to see if she could come in for something to eat and drink and a place to rest.

Both doors were locked. The house seemed unoccupied, but lived-in.

Not wanting to break into someone's house, she took shelter in the barn.

Other than a few chickens and a goat, the barn was unoccupied as well. Chaeyah assumed the rest of the animals had been taken to market.

She was tired and sore after walking along the river all night, especially since her ankle was sprained.

She went into the back corner stall on the left, ate some energy bars and cookies, drank a bottle of water, then lay down on the straw and went to sleep with her head on her purse.

Mid-afternoon, Chaeyah slowly started waking up.

Suddenly she heard some shuttles landing nearby.

Looking out, she saw several alien men, phasers aimed, walking towards the nearby house. She hid in the back of the barn in the hay. Her knife lay next to her.

A few minutes later, she heard the barn door open. She tried not to make any noise, but she was terrified.

She heard footsteps. They slowly grew closer and closer. Suddenly an alien man looked into the corner of the barn where she was hiding.

The alien's black hair was long and had a thick braid down the center. He had tattoo-like markings on the sides of his face.

He wore a full, yet fairly well-trimmed beard. The bottom of his beard, below his chin only, was abit longer than the rest of his beard. He had tattoo-like markings on his neck, chest and back as well, and a chestful of hair.

He was shirtless and wore black uniform pants and black boots that came up to his knees. A bear of a man, he looked quite menacing.

He looked at her, training his phaser on her. He smiled ever-so-slightly at her. As he slowly moved towards her, she pointed her knife at him but said nothing.

Terror was in her eyes. He looked at her, studying her closely, intrigued by her.

She was trapped. They both knew she had nowhere to go. She was cornered.

“I do not wish to harm you. Put the knife down, human woman, and you won't be hurt.”, he said. She shook her head but said nothing, slowly standing up.

She tried to escape, but he caught her and threw her onto the hay, promptly climbing on top of her.

Chaeyah drew her knife on him with her left hand. He looked at the knife, quickly grabbed her wrist, and squeezed it tightly. He also grabbed her right wrist, holding her arm above her head.

“Do you really think this is what you want to do at this moment, human woman?”, he menacingly asked. She nodded, trembling.

“Please don't hurt me!”, she begged.

“Let go of the knife, human woman, or die.”, he told her. Chaeyah shook her head, writhing under him in an effort to escape him.

“Do you want to die, or do you want to live?”, he asked her, gripping her wrists tighter with every second that passed.

“I want to live!”, she said, struggling to somehow get him to loosen his grip.

“Then let go of the knife.”, he replied.

“You're going to kill me anyway! I see it in your eyes! It's obviously what your kind does! I'll not let go of the knife!”, she said, grimacing from the pain of his grip on her wrists.

“Then you will die!”, he replied. “I'm offering you your life, human woman! Accept my offer! I do not wish to harm or kill you! Do not make me do either!

”Let go of the knife and live! Let go of the knife and walk out of here unscathed!”

She started to scream, but he kissed her passionately instead. He easily disarmed her, throwing the knife to the other side of the stall before releasing his grip on her wrists.

She tried to escape but he grabbed her ankles, causing her to fall face-first into the hay.

“You're feisty! I like feisty women!”, he said as he turned her over and lay on top of her, restraining her once more by her wrists.

He kissed her again, and kept kissing her passionately, moving suggestively on top of her and moaning with pleasure.

Chaeyah struggled, writhing to get out from under him, but was getting tired from the effort. It was quite obvious, in more ways than one, that he was enjoying kissing her as he was moving suggestively on top of her.

“You're a prisoner of the Imperial B'Hati Empire. I do not wish to harm you! Stop struggling and live. Keep fighting me and die!

”You're not a trained warrior like I am. You will lose, and you will be hurt. You will NOT like what I do to you if you continue struggling!

“The choice is yours, human woman! You're Federation Directorate, and illegally in B'Hati territory. Stop struggling. Surrender and I will claim you as my prisoner to my men. I will keep you safe. I do not want to kill you. I'm offering you safety and your life!”, he said.

“You're lying! This is Minot! I'm not in B'Hati territory! I know to stay out of B'Hati territory! Everyone in Federation Directorate knows to stay out of your territory! You're in OUR territory!”, she replied.

He sat her up then pulled her over to the far back right-hand corner. He looked her in the eye. She looked him in the eye as well.

”You are not on Minot! You are on Minhokh in B'Hati territory!

”If you do not surrender to me, and my men see you here, my men WILL have their fun with you, then they WILL kill you once they're done with you!

“Make the right choice!”, he said in a deep, heavily accented, resonant voice, then kissed her passionately once more.

“I do not wish to die. I was traveling to Minot. I had no idea they'd taken us here instead. I'm being honest with you.”, she replied.

They heard footsteps approaching the barn.

“Last chance before my men arrive. Surrender so I can claim you as my prisoner and keep you safe. Make the right choice.”, he said.

The men opened the barn door and entered. They called out for him.

“Back here. Last stall on the left.”, he called back, looking at her the whole time. She looked at him as well. Seconds before they reached the stall, she said,

“I surrender.” He smiled as the men entered the stall.

“Smart choice.”, he replied.

He told the men she was his prisoner and wasn't to be touched.

“You are lucky I'm not a cruel man, human woman!”, he said, then stood her up against the wall of the stall. He kissed her very passionately, a not-so-subtle message to his men that she was indeed his, then said to her,

“Forgive me, human woman. I'll see you when you wake up.”

He then punched her twice in the jaw, knocking her unconscious. Tossing her over his shoulder in order to carry her out of the barn, he picked up her purse and 3 bags with her belongings that were near her as well.

Bringing her into the house, he laid her on the bed in the first bedroom. The other men had looted the place.

He went into the bathroom, found some bandage tape, and bound her hands and feet with it.

They then loaded up the shuttles with what they'd taken. She'd started to stir, so he punched her one more time, knocking her out cold.

He tossed her over his shoulder, then carried her to the shuttle, laying her on the floor of the craft. It was time to get back to their ship.

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