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It boy love story that one human falls in love with a supernatural being

Fanfiction LGBT+ Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter one

It was my first day of college when I arrived I noticed a huge crowd of girl swanning over a particular person. It was like every girl in campus are fawning over a single guy. It so stupid I mean why do all the cool guys get to have all the girls where as all the rest of us normal guys don't get any. I mean there really isn't any different between us normal guys and popular guys. When I got a closer look at him, he did look really cool and handsome. He has long red hair that reached below his waist, he wore black glasses, that seem to cover his eyes, but I could see his clear green eyes from where I was standing. He dressed smartly in a black suit that fitted his handsome fit as I found myself looking at him it felt like the more I continued to do so I couldn't stop looking at him. It felt like I was mysteriously attracted to him, like it was as if he was pulling me towards him without him moving or making me do so. He then looked in my direction, he smiled lightly when he noticed the face I gave him but he smile despite the fact I was probably giving him a mean face that said why are you popular with the ladies. The more he looked at me the more he stared into my eyes, looking at them deeply. It felt as though I became stuck in place as I looked at him like not matter how much I wanted to move it was like I was hypnotised to stay there. It felt like he is looking at me with interest in his eyes like he was studying me, but when he turned around and left for class his eyes looked different somehow sad.

Okay I will admit that I like guys even though I am a guy it's strange but true. But he was so weird and different in some way but I couldn't tell straight away from how he looked. Anyway I started to walk to my class and sat in a chair far away from the board and the rest of the class. The room was massive and different from high school, tho I sat in my chair bored as I waited for the lesson to begin.

"So what's your name?" Someone whisper softly and sweetly in my ear, the voice of the sound was from guy but the tone sounded sexy.

I looked at who it was kinda turning in my seat as I see it was the popular guy from this morning, I found myself looking at him again.

He gave me a slight smile which look admiring as he sat down next to me.

"what's your name?" he asked again.

"My name is Jack" I answer casually.

"My name is Rim" He says with a slight smile

"Nice to meet you" I say holding out my hand for a hand shake.

"Yes nice to meet you too" he says softly as he grabbed my hand tightly.

We started to pay attention to the board as the lesson started. As the instructor talked, Rim seemed to be a bit out of it as though he wasn't paying attention at all. I was mainly writing notes but I knew the subject quite well. I looked at him a bit as it seems he was bored out of his mind and didn't care to take any notes.

When it came to the end of the day, became very tired but I seem noticed a guy was waiting for Rim they seemed to know each other quite well. But I got this weird vibe from Rim. I know not to stick my nose into things I shouldn't but I couldn't help but follow them anyway. The strange thing was that they were walking in allayways to get to an abandoned apartment. I silently followed them as they went into a quiet room with a bed. I could tell Rim was uncomfortable as I watched them silently at a distance. They started to strip off their clothes and I began to regret following them, like oh man I wish I didn't follow them if I knew this was going to happen. The other guy started kissing Rim but I could tell he was very uncomfortable with him.

"What's wrong Rim your not usually this obedient" says the guy.

"That's because I had enough Charley" Rim says to him suddenly the guy was magically wrapped in ropes that were red as blood.

"Rim?" the guy asks but his mouth became tied as well.

"No, questions please, honestly you were the most annoying one of all." Rim says as he took out a knife out of his bag.

I silently watched as he did this I became to scared to move from my spot. "who the hell was Rim anyway" I asked in my mind.

"Your time has come so I came to kill you, okay" Rim says with a wicked smile.

Rim began to cut into the guy dragging it into the guys skin cutting down from his shoulder to his wrist. The guy was yelling but muffled with the ropes covering his mouth. I watched Rim brutally kill him with no remorse or feel till the guy became limp and lifeless. Rim got covered in blood, this made him look scarer in my eyes, I felt a whole lot of fear from watching him kill someone for a reason that even I don't know.

Suddenly something beside me fell that made the loudest clap of sound onto the ground when it fell down. Rim quickly looked at me with deadly eyes ready to kill me. I got up as fast as I could and ran for my life. I feared for my life wondering what the hell was happening right now and to scared to stop and ask. I tripped over something and hurt myself grunting as I looked over at what I had tripped over, it was a rope that is made out of blood quite similar to Rem's. It had wrapped itself around my foot and had a strong hold of my foot, I struggle to get out but couldn't so, I tried to untie it to get the rope off me or release me but it was no use.

"Oh Jack, you weren't suppose to be here" Says Rim as he walk towards me with evil eyes.

"I am sorry, please! I didn't mean to follow please forgive me!" I yell as fear took over.

"Oh? You want me to forgive you, now how should I do that after you saw me?" he asks as he sits on me looking at me menacingly with his green eyes.

"I don't know" I answer as I gulp looking into his eyes feeling lost in thought.

"Do I scare you?" he asks with a evil smile but somehow that made him look more sexer.

"Well, I mean, kinda like why kill him and what with the ropes are you some kind of demon or something?" I ask as I still felt slightly scared.

He laughed evilly as he looked at me with amusement which I found it quiet hot to me as he did that.

"If I told you what I am would that make any difference?" he asks me with a smile.

"I don't know" I answered truthfully.

"Well then you have to keep this a secret" he whispers before coming close to my face and started kissing me.

I didn't know what to do as I didn't expect him to kiss me, all I could do was blush hardly. He broke off and looked at me deeply smiling.

"Oh look, that's surprising your blushing" he chuckles softly and begin to take of my tie.

Before I realised what he was going to do a slight back flash of my past comes to me. He began to unbutton my t-shirt.

"No! I am not that type of guy, honest" I say as I try a break free of his hold.

"Oh? Really?" he asks as he continues to unbutton my shirt.

"Yes! Really now stop!" I yell trying to get him off me but he is really strong.

"Oh? Then why are you struggling?" He asks me as he continues to unbutton my t-shirt and take it off me.

"Stop! Please!" I beg as tears begin to show.

He forces me down with his strength and comes close.

"Why, should I?" he asks softly.

"Because, I don't want, what you want" I answer

"Fine" he sighs and gets off me he flicks some of his hair out of his face.

"But I going to need kill you now" he says looking meanly at me

"Wait! Is there some other way?" I ask

"Maybe if you swear to me your not going to tell anyone then I won't kill you" he says

"I swear I won't tell anyone" I say automatically.

"Okay then I will leave you" he says as the rope around my foot unravels it self.

"You better get home" he says as he walks away

I stand I grab my shirt and tie and put them back on the walked quickly out of there. Eventually I got home,

"Hey man" Says one of my roommates

"Hey" I say out of it

"You okay?" he asks as he looks at me worried.

"Yeah" I tell him then went to my room

I drop my bag and lye on my bed, "what are you Rim?" I ask myself deep in thought. "Why, do you have to be a killer and the hottest guy at college?" I ask. "why kiss me and keep me alive if you really wanted to you could of killed me?" I ask myself out loud . I eventually feel a sleep as the event of today seemed to take it out of me.

The next morning I ate breakfast then went to college but for some reason everyone around me is incredibly quiet. When class come around Rim wasn't there at all I seem to notice but I guess I didn't mind. But after class I asked everyone who knew him, if they saw him at all though they seemed confused and didn't know who I was talking about. Which was strange because Rim was here yesterday that I knew for a fact. Though it seemed everyone who did know him had forgotten him completely which was weird so in the end I stop trying to find out if Rem was okay or why he wasn't here.

By the end of the day I got into a daze that I didn't even notice where I was going. I was so confused, what happened to Rim today, where was he, how come every one who knew him forgot about him. I couldn't think why or how this may of happened but something bad might of happened to Rim. When I started to notice where I was going and where I was it seemed I came into a bloody allyway with blood is every where and there were five body's on the gr that were mashed on the ground. It was like their bodes were coming out of their body and their whole bodies twisted.

I became really scared when I saw Rim just in the middle of them covered in blood. The scene that I was witnessing is so gruesome and horrible that I couldn't believe anyone could do this I felt sick to my stomach. But Rim is smiling like a mad man happy over his kill like a psychopath. He looked up at me with deadly eyes which told me if I moved even a inch, I was going to die. So I stood still as he walked up to me walking over the bodies the knife in his hand he played with it like as if judging to kill me or not.

"Weird I thought I erased everyone's memory" He said as he walked toward me.

I stayed silent and made sure I didn't move at all. When Rim came really close, he pushed and pinned me into a wall and started crying.

"Why did it have to be you that remembered, it's not fair, I just wanted to......." He paused as he couldn't speak but cry endlessly.

I stayed quiet but I have many questions and thoughts running in my mind. Rim look at me as though thinking but I couldn't tell.

"Go home" Rim says to me.

"Wait tell me, what the hell is happening?" I ask as I felt my body wanting to move on it's own.

"I am sorry but I can't tell you or get you involved." He says sadly.

"You already got me involved!" I yell

He looked at me not angry but not happy either, instead he come close.

"Go home now" He demanded.

My body moved on it's own, even though I didn't want to move but stay and question him but started to walk home anyway. By the time I got home I had seem forgot everything about Rim. No matter how hard I tried to remember anything I couldn't. Later on when I went to sleep, couldn't sleep well as so many questions and thoughts left unanswered as I slept.

To be continued.......

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