paige-alexander ペイジ

Paige, a 5 year old child without parents is devastated from the murder. Her parents both got killed by Illumi, the oldest child of the Zoldyck family. Paige decides to run away and find somewhere to stay, but she runs into some trouble! Will death come upon young Paige?

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Paige, a young girl at the age of 5, is lost. She left home leaving her parents dead bodies behind in her house. Paige sniffles and whimpers while crying. The murder scene in her own house shocked and horrified little miss Paige. "H-Hello..?" Paige speaks. She hears rustling in the bushes. Her eyes widen and she backs away and starts running away from the bush. Illumi, a 16 year old teenaged man sees his target about to run away. Hes already dealt with her parents so why not get rid of the annoying one? He sped up to Paige at the speed of light, Paige is right about to get massacred, but a boy around her age with thick, and soft white hair with gleaming sapphire blue eyes gets infront of Paige letting his arms open wide as a sign to protect her. Paiges eyes widen a lot thinking Killua, the young boy, got stabbed. No, Killua barely dodged the attack by a hair. "Illumi..let her be..she did nothing to deserve death." Illumi looks at Killua a little supprised. "Ok then Kil, I guess i will have to deal with her later." Killua sighs and pushes Paige away from himself as the two boys walk away. "H-Hey..! Kil..?" Paige says to Killua. Killua looks at Paige unpleased. "My name is Killua..not Kil..Now go run away, go to your parents." Paige looks down at the sound of her parents. "I have no parents.." She starts crying more. Killuas eyes widen a bit. He then facepalms and looks at Paige with a glare. "So? What do you want?" Paige looks up at Illumi walking away and soon fading away, she then looks at Killua. "C-Can i stay with you forever?" Killuas eyes widen and his face blushes a little. "U-Uh..No! Cant you say better things?" Paige looks down and she cries even more and childishly. Killuas cheek has a sweat drop as he tries to not be super rude and not be super nice either. "F-Fine..! But only if you sleep outside..not in my house..and no where NEAR me.." Paiges face brightens. "R-Really?!" Killua akwardly laughs. "Hehe..heh.." Paige pulls her backpack of her back and she only has a white soft blanket with a hard pillow. "This is all ive got.." Killua sighs. "When we arrive at my place i guess i'll get you something else you could use.." He blushes a little while looking away. Paige responds bubbly like. "Ok!"
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