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One poem a day keeps the dullness away. ...or... or is it the emotions it holds back? The anguish, despair and fear that's somewhere hidden, deep inside everyone? Writing poetry helps me calm down myself and order all my thoughts. And I hope it helps you too. Because paper won't be hurt if you let it all out on it. A person will be hurt. And if you cause a scar, you will have to live with the guilt forever because a scar never goes away completely... !!Warning!! This may contain suicidal parts

Poésie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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So cloudy in the sky,

and I'm wishing I could die.

Waiting for a falling star,

To make a dream that isn't far.

Foggy gets my sight,

and I faint somewhere alone at night.

Not sleeping 'till I'm falling down,

thinking of the heaven's crown.

Jump from the bridge,

fall of the ridge,

lay on the road,

just like your dreams have showed.

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