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A boy and his best friend what could go wrong? Well the end of the world. After being separated from each other Jeremy, (the protagonist of our lovely little story) begins to believe that his best friend is dead. Then around his 17th birthday he finds a small group traveling together, the group gladly accepts him into their group. Yet all things good don’t last forever and just like his best friend they disappeared. So fed up with all of this stuff happening he begins his journey to find the cause of the apocalypse. What was it that he found? It is but a mystery to all whom come across , but you can discover what he found.

Post-apocalyptique Horreur gothique Tout public.

#apocalyptic #backstabbing # #longjourney #oldfriends #finaldestination #longsaddenedjourney
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The last thing I remember is a quiet darkness that began to make a crunching a noise. Like bones snapping. And a excruciating pain in my body.

I couldn't move, it was hopless to escape my fate. That I already knew, I also knew that even if I were to escape it would still be in vain. "IT" was everywhere.

The only question now is who's next...

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