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On the previous part , the two siblings Johnny and Tressie went to the mysterious forest out of curiosity in the devil's hour and then Tressie disappeared in the forest and Johnny's torch also switched off. And then what happened with them and how paranormal activities began in their house, read the story to know more .....

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Beginning of Chaos

In the previous part , Johnny, torch went off and he couldn't see anything in the dark and then after some time the torch he was holding became functional(switched on automatically) but he still couldn't see Tressie and her screaming had also stopped. He became terrified and started searching Tressie but couldn't find her.

When he turned back , he suddenly saw Tressie standing behind him. She was silent and was looking calm as if nothing happened. Johnny asked her " Hey Tressie! What happened to you ?? Are you okay..... Please say something !!". Tressie didn't uttered a single word and started walking to the home . Johnny got confused and too continued walking home. After returning home , the children slept except Tressie.

To be continued....

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