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You are a monster/cat, and you go to the Françoise Dupont Middle School. a lot of stuff happens. (this story takes place AFTER the stories of all the aus, pacifist route for all of them.)

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author’s note

ok so this is basically a miraculous x undertale story

but like with aus

also it ships reader and blueberry

so if you don't like that then don't read this

also the reader is female

and they have cat ears

and a tail

but that's ok right?

like there's bunny people in the underground

and goat people

so why not cat people? :3

sorry if this is bad this is literally a dream i had last night

also your soul color is a white monster soul with s/c swirls

which means you're a cat/monster hybrid

so you can use magic!

e/c - eye color

y/n- your name

h/c- hair color

f/c- favorite color

t/c- tail color

s/c- soul color

a/n- akumatized name

s/t- soul type

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