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India has given diverse things to the world in various sectors and we are kept offering to the world for thousand of years now and I often count them in my released books and will kept mentioning . its a big issue that we didn't even preserved our history and not even those inventions by saints and monks of our nation today I will talk about that history that noone ever mentioned and it is disguising under someone's name and we also believe that its someone else invention I am talking about kung fu martial art of which China is considered as the giver of this art however in re

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Chapter 1

Whenever we witness a word martial arts our mind barrages with scenarios of monks of China in their hermitage practising shaolin and of course, china and we make up a factorial basis in our mind that it was invented in China. Individuals from china, Japan and Korea are so much indulged into this art form but is indian are far away from even reading about it's evolution and history and none of the scholars tried to plunge deep into to learn the history.
From centuries it is heard that China is where martial arts originated. Neither we wanted to find the truth of our ancient granths nor we ever felt the need to open them.
Even today our manuscripts written ages back are preserved in some hermitages, or libraries or some historic temples and is counting to it's last few breathes due to vicious time cycle has ruined it but no one ever cared for it.
We are going lay down points over the true originator of martial arts and it's history which will not make proud india but will be source of inspiration for other nations as well. There is uncertainty over it's exact date but it's been thousands of years. Primitive people who resided over this planet tried to make their both upper limbs and their head their defensive mechanism.kalaripayattu
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