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A story of two great clans which saw themselves as enemies and had a cold war. Who will win?

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Group Dispersed!

It was a long ago, in the late nineteenth century. If accurate, it's 1897. The village of Ronan, where the two great clans are said to be there.

The Sirato Clan and the Uchidara Clan. People were terrified of them. They trembled at them. People are afraid that there will be a war! Where are they?! Even, Who are they?

The Sirato Clan, by Amarat Sirato. He was the leader and also the founder of the clan. The people here see their pride is important than their life.

The Uchidara Clan, by Rake Uchidara. He is the leader of this clan. The founder of this clan is still unfound as people spoke of rumors, this clan was created when gods were created. Uchidara people see God as the power and important to them.

In 1897, A rumor spread that there will be a war between those two clans. People trembled. But for some days, even months passed, Nothing had started.

Years Passed.

In 1917, at the corner of the Ronan village, people gathered for a meeting to celebrate their village's main festival, "Shinsei Day!" which means the day when God created the world.

And the leader of their village is known as Meishu. He started to speak about the village's situation and the festival celebration.

After the introduction, Meishu started speaking about those clans.

"Listen, my people! We don't know about the clans! We will celebrate this festival as grand!" suddenly, one from the people,

"What happens if they start the war, Meishu?"

The leader smiled and then said, "Haha! The rumor was spread 20 years ago! Nothing had happened until! So..."

In the middle of a sentence, a sharp knife like a rocket from the other end scratched the neck of the leader and stabbed at the core of the tree.

Everyone's heart is filled with a bulk amount of scare and terror. When the commander came into a position the place turned into turmoil. Everyone ran here and there. Some hid behind a rock. Some hid behind the wall, and some ran back to their houses and locked the door and the window. The group was dispersed.

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Vijay Shriram Young author looking towards the life! Books of mind or maybe out of the mind but the thoughts are always the hearts.

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