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All you could listen in that small room were laughs and soft music. It smells like pizza and ice cream, alongside scent candles.

The laughs were from a couple: a blonde guy, with cinnamon skin, and a brunette girl, with skin full of freckles. Their legs were curled, while they, with them holding their hands, were kissing softly, sweet, and intimate shared moment. Sometimes it was the boy the one who kissed her, and most of them she was the one doing it.

They were doing it to lose stress, to relax with each other, it was just… such a peaceful and perfect moment: alone, together, with food and music- oh! and the most importantly… their loved one.

The comfortable warmth they give the other was charming.

Or… it was until the girl stopped, pulling the boy away from her.

“Hey, Tobias…” she whispered. The boy looked at her like the sunflower would look at the sun.


“I want… well, I want to ask you a question,” she made eye contact. “Can I?”

He smiled at her, nodding his head. “Sure,” he said. He loves her, so much that he would do anything for her- and it was obvious that he’ll listen to her question, hell! he would listen to her rambles, her long moments when she just- stormed away, talking about nonsense and thing that he won’t fully understand- but things that he will try to understand just because of the love he has for her- the love he has always had for her. He kissed her cheek, tearing up a pepperoni from the piece of pizza to him “What is it, Jane?”

That love fell apart with the words that left Tiana’s red lips.

“Will you go to my wedding?”

He almost choked with his saliva.

“We-wedding? he hesitated with that word. He gulps, not breaking eye-contact. “When?” he asked.

Tiana nodded and smiled, nonchalant. “In a couple of hours. Will you go?”

To be honest, Tobias was jealous. He felt confused and sad, who will be the one being part of her beautiful princess? He wanted to know that, even if he shouldn’t care because, welll, for the rest of the world and all of their relative, Tobias and Jane didn’t even know each other.

“With who?” he kept asking, thinking the worst case scenery about he going to… her wedding. He took the piece of pizza he has been eaten, biting it to hide away any mean word that could escape from him.

She denied with her index, “It is not necessary to go, darling. Just say ‘yes’, please”

He sighed, nodding and looking down. “Yes, of course I will, although I still want to know who is it,” he whispered.

That made the girl beam at him, her cheeks blushed. “Is with you, Tobias!” she giggled while giving him short kisses on his cinnamon skin. “You just said ‘yes’ so we can married now!” she rustled his hair.

She searched in her sweater that she had, taking out of there a an small jewrly box. She opened it clumsy (her hands were trembling both for her nervous state and her excitment) two shining silver rings.

She took one, holding Tobia’s hand -whose face was bright red- and, after kissing his knuckles, she slided the ring through his smashed finger.

She took the other ring, put it in her finger. She left out trembling sigh, staring at the boy, waiting for an answer.

The answer didn’t come, and he was just glaring at the ring, so she talked, feeling hurt in her chest.

“I mean, uh, I,” she felt a lump in her throat. “I thought-”

“Wow,” he whispered, looking up, “Oh, babe, is this real?” He smiled at her.

“Yes, you like it… don’t you?”

“I do! I love you!” he gave her a quick kiss “It’s just that… i din’t believe- is it true?” he hugged her.

“Yes, it is, my love,” she hugged him back. “I love you too”

And it was the most veridic thing: they loved each other, more then what they thought. They had always done it, they had said before, but it was the first time they said that especial word, it was their first ‘i love you’, huge words, the happiness overwhelming the beats of their hearths.

The felt completed.

Because, after all…

“It was what I had always wanted to hear,” they said, meeting their lips with a eternal, sweet kiss.

Their last kiss.

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