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Second part of Crabs Are Tastier this Year about instant petrification of human organs.

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Where did all these Hearts Come from?

All these people dying, it’s clear what it means. I like to call it the Shiva effect where you need to end something before you can start over, from scratch. Interesting this time people died before there was a war, this time war came a little later on. But usually, historically, war came first: in the 70’s, during the Great Wars and so on going back in history.

They say they were buried deep underground but some of us know something else happened to them, so if you don't: you can find their hearts in the rivers, petrified.

Turns out I wasn’t so far off with my first theory, the bodies were eaten… but now I know the organs were petrified. Not only the hearts. Just go to your closest river and look for rocks, it’s all there. People have been studying them, analyzing their composition, spoiler: high iron content, as it’s found in blood as well. And also their shape. It’s fascinating how these rocks so perfectly resemble human organs. So how can this be? Have they been there for millions of years and it’s only now that we are noticing them?

No, they are new and they were instantly petrified. When we found ourselves with these huge surplus of bodies and nowhere to dump them. Some tissue could be used as animal feed, as it was. Other tissue, maybe too damaged? Wasn’t so useful and actually needed to be “neutralized” or “sanitized” into stone.

And it gets worse.

Not only human organs have been found. You can find whole animales, as small as insects and as big as elephants.

Maybe the last pandemic was actually larger than we think. The reset is on.

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