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Fictional Story, finding gold by the Superstition Mountain with paranormal problems, BigFoot, Ghosts, and UFOs

Paranormal Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.
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Getting Some Land

My name is Finn Shelin I was 20 when I started on my search for Gold in Arizona, I found 2 acres of land, for really cheap by the Superstition Mountain in Apache Junction Arizona, I know that gold had already been found on the property because Zillow said so, that's where I found the place, in Zillow, for $7,000 no down $400 a month, for two acres, so I plan on looking to get rich, I did not see the property yet, but for the price I was paying, it has to be haunted by ghosts or demons, but ghosts or demons don't scare me, the only thing that scares me is, wild animals and hot young women, I always had a hard time understanding a woman. Because they are enormous trouble. As long as I stay to myself, then I'm good. I was now ready to see how haunted my land is, and check out if there is a mine dug or do I have to dig one, I think to myself, it's hot out here, I better get myself some water and some food for the night, so I grab some supplies and get on my way, the road headed out there is ruff and has never been leveled, or graded, from what my GPS shows it's a long way still, so I don't want to get stuck, getting stuck would not be good, it's way too far out to walk to get help, so I need to take my time, at least I have shovels, and a pickaxe, just in case I do get stuck I can dig my way out, it's been a long and bumpy road. I'm almost there, most of the way has been like a dried riverbed so far, most people would not be able to handle being out here alone, but this is just perfect for me, I don't want anyone to know where I'm living, because I don't need to have someone see me dig up some gold and want to kill me for it, plus people don't know how to keep their cool when paranormal things happen. I don't understand people, they get scared over things that I have lived with all my life, I just have to watch out for big animals, and now I'm ready to enter the property. I walk up to the gate, it's a good thing there is a fence around the whole place. I unlocked the gate. It's so quiet out here, I see eyes reflecting light back at me from just about everywhere from the headlights of my car. But I need to see the best spot to set up camp. Since it took me so long to drive out here, it is now really dark out. I just hope that the fence can keep the animals out. I got the car at the gate. Now the gate is locked. I'll see if there's a good spot ahead to stop, as I'm driving I see in front of me a small run-down shack. It's about a 12' x 14' shack. Man, that's perfect. I go to the door and there is no lock on it. I open the door, and I see there is a table. And a chair. And no electricity, but that's okay. I have a generator in the back seat of my car. I unload everything. I want to take my flashlight and look around for some type of firewood to burn. I like to relax by a nice fire before I retire for the night. I make a fire, and I smoke a cigarette. I thought I heard voices. But that's probably my imagination. I go into the shack and lay down, and pass out.

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Mervin Spidle Mervin Spidle
Thank you, Owen Carlyle for taking a intrest in my 4th book
January 01, 2023, 06:52
OC Owen Carlyle
Couldn't put it down made me want to go out and look for some gold
November 19, 2022, 22:37

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